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Celebrate Zoo Lover’s Day with a virtual tour of one of the zoos around the country! Since all of the zoos are closed due to COVID-19, many have started virtual tours and live educational moments as well as Live Cams on certain animals! Which ones are you incorporating into your weekly or daily homeschool activities?

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Every weekday at 3 PM EDT, the Cincinnati Zoo will host a Home Safari Facebook Live that features a different animal each day. For those who don’t have social media, the zoo will post the safaris on both their website and YouTube.

Panda Cam Zoo Atlanta Pandas are always fun to watch, quarantine or not, and Zoo Atlanta offers this live stream of the only panda twins in the United States, Ya Lun and Xi Lun.

Monterey Bay Aquarium offers ten live cams where viewers can sneak a peek at the sharks, do a little birdwatching in the aviary, and they can even check the goings-on in the open sea.

The San Diego Zoo has ten live cams to choose from, including penguins, tigers, koalas and giraffes. The zoo also has a website exclusively for kids that’s loaded with videos, stories, activities and games.

Zoo Atlanta has Roly-poly pandas and their antics are a perennial animal-lover favorite. The zoo website has a panda page with a live camera, information on a panda keeper’s job and regular panda news updates — like behaviors, the differences between red pandas and giant pandas and how keepers tell individual pandas apart.

Vancouver Aquarium shows you otters, jellyfish, and penguins on their live cams. Explore and learn about marine animals.

Houston Zoo Giraffes, gorillas, elephants, Leafcutter Ants, Rhinos, Chimps, and Flamingos on their live cams!

California Academy of Sciences Watch stingrays, penguins and more as well as live events and educational opportunities.

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