Summer Craft – Dinosaur in a Cave

Big S had to read an arts and craft book for his library summer reading challenge this week.  He chose Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild about Dinosaurs by Kathy Ross.  Yesterday morning, the kids were reading the book and wanting to try a craft.  Of course, not being prepared with lots of craft supplies I chose Dinosaur in a Cave on page 31.  We modified the directions because we were missing a few supplies.  Aren’t they great dinosaur scenes?

Dinosaur in the Ocean!


  • construction paper in many colors
  • glue
  • scissors
  • markers or crayons


  1. Trace your hand on construction paper.  This is the dinosaur.  The thumb is the face and the rest are the legs.
  2. Cut out your dinosaur.
  3. Glue your dinosaur on another piece of paper.
  4. Color a scene for the dinosaur.  We colored a volcano scene, a forest scene, and a water scene.  Little S drew her dinosaur in Hawaii!

Dinosaur in the sky!

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