Kaleidoscope Associates Cooking Classes for Kids at Distinctive Kitchens

At Christmastime, we were thrilled to be invited to a Distinctive Kitchens cooking class. My son and I spent two days, a Friday evening and a Saturday morning, putting together a gigantic gingerbread house. During the first part of the class, we made gingerbread cookies and put together our gingerbread house. While we worked, the instructor told us stories about gingerbread and how to make our own perfect gingerbread.

Each parent/child pair got to make a cookie sheet full of gingerbread cookies. I am not a huge fan of gingerbread but when these cookies came piping hot out of the oven, I couldn’t help but try one. They were absolutely delicious.

After making gingerbread cookies, we learned how to put together our gingerbread house. The instructor worked step-by-step to make sure that we had a stable house held together with Royal Icing. After we knew our house was not going to crumble, we left it to dry overnight.

The next morning, we returned to Distinctive Kitchens to decorate our house. Big S and I spent three hours covering our house with more frosting and all of our favorite candies.

Our house wasn’t the prettiest, but we were pretty happy with it!

Kaleidoscope Associates offers a number of cooking classes for children of all ages. There are family classes as well as classes that are children only. Summer and spring break camps are also available.

Register now for summer camps, Preschool Chefs, and the Mother’s Day Lunch. On May 12th, you can drop your child off to learn how to cook a special lunch just for you. When they are finished (and you have enjoyed wandering downtown on your own), join your child for lunch! The fee is $45 for one adult and up to two children.

*Thank you to Kaleidescope Associates for hosting us at the cooking class. As always, opinions are mine and mine alone (well, with some input from Big S on this one!).

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