Pensacola With Kids | Back to School Supply Shopping

Back to school time is upon us and that means – SCHOOL SUPPLIES!   Here are some helpful links to find the best prices for everything you need.

Escambia County School Supply List

Office Depot – They rotate products almost weekly into the $1, 50 cent and 25 cent categories.  You can order online and pick up in the store.

Target – They just put their school supply section together in the past two weeks.  They also have supplies that are under $1. You can order online and do store pick up.

Wal-mart – Has supplies under $1.  You can also order online and pick up in the store or have it delivered.

Publix – They only have a few supplies on the list, but they are BOGO.

Amazon – Of course, you can get anything from Amazon.  If you don’t have time to shop, there are some good deals.  And you can buy things in larger quantities if needed.  Ships right to your door.

Big Lots – They have some good prices on certain items as well.  You can order online.

Dollar Tree – That says it, everything is $1.  They don’t have everything on the list (and it’s not always the best quality), but for some things, it works when you need a bunch of something.  You can order online and have it delivered.

Dirt Cheap – I don’t usually go there until right before school starts.  All of their items are marked down to $3, $2 and $1, but those items are on sale at other places for 25 cents and 50 cents now.  When they discount it right before school it is pennies.

Discount School Supply – I’ve never shopped on the site, but it came up in my searches.   You order online and it’s delivered.

Remember to always pick up an extra box of crayons and other items so you can take some extra to your child’s teacher.  Or you can donate to Cram the Van which is going on now.  Click here are some donation drop off locations.