Disney With Kids

Hello!!  Welcome to my little corner of PWK.  We recently took our family of 5 on their first ever trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando.  I spent months planning it and learned so much about taking our kiddos to the “most magical place on earth”!   While we had a marvelous time and plan to return many times this year (we bought the FL resident annual passes), I’d definitely do a few things differently next time around.  This is where I’d like to share my tips and tricks with you all, as well as encourage other Moms to share their best stuff.

First, let me introduce myself.  I’m Julie, loving wife to Big Papa J and we have 4 kiddos.  SA is 21 and off in college.  In the nest is “Beantz” who is 14 going on 18, and then we have the “Littles”.   “Buddy” is 4 and “Squeaks” is 2 1/2.  The older 2 are “bonus” kiddos that were part of the prize that is my hubs.  Needless to say, we have a very busy household what with a teenager and two toddlers.   Lucky for me, my other job pays me to drink wine.  🙂

I will divide this “corner” into several parts and add to it as we go along.  The first installment is going to be called “So you’re planning a trip to The World?” and will cover everything you need to plan a big family trip.   Then I’ll share the details from our trip…what worked, what we loved and what was a total waste of time.  Since we purchased the FL resident passes and I am all about getting our money’s worth, we are planning several short trips and I will include those as they happen.  Finally, we are already planning our big family trip for next fall and I will write about that as it gets closer.  In short, I hope I can impart some knowledge and a little humor and help other Mamas create some wonderful memories with their families and Mickey Mouse.