Beulah Regional Park – Located next to the Equestrian Center

**At least that is what I think it is called.  There is no sign naming the park and the only information I could find on My Escambia was a park listing Beulah Regional Park in this spot but the amenities were not listed.  The form hasn’t been updated since April 15, 2010 and I am not sure if this park had been built by then.  I do know that there is also a Beulah Park located at Woodside Road.  If you know the official name of this park, please let me know!**

What: Beulah Regional Park; Where: Located on Mobile Highway next to the Escambia Equestrian Center; Cost: FREE

Beulah Regional Park is a great park to take the kids.  It offers a fabulous playground with different structures for varying abilities.  You couldn’t pull my kids off of the balance area where they hopped from little stools to beams trying not to fall down.  There are two swings and two infant swings.  There are slides and a small climbing wall. 

There is a very small pavilion with two picnic benches but other than that there is no seating near the playground.  There is a basketball court that was full of teenagers playing a game.  My favorite part was the walking path.  Three laps around the walking path equals one mile according to the writing at the starting point.  The path is perfect for bike rides as well.  When we were out there, we saw lots of children on bikes of all sizes!

We also saw lots of people with dogs on leashes and it looked like there might be a fenced in dog park towards the back of the park grounds.  With me still being on crutches, we didn’t check it out though.  I will be sure to update this when I find out!

Things to Know before You Go:

  • There are no restrooms at this park.
  • Bring your lawn chairs with you because seating is limited to two picnic tables.

Beulah Regional Park is located off of Mobile Highway and Thomley Trail and is next to the Equestrian Center.

Fun Zone – Pensacola, Florida

**The Fun Zone has permanently closed.

What: a giant indoor playplace; Where: off of Creighton and 9th Avenue; When: Monday – CLOSED, Tues – Thurs  2 pm – 6 pm, Friday  2 pm – 9 pm, Saturday 10 am – 8 pm, Sunday 2 pm – 6 pm; Cost: Children 2 and under – $5 and children ages 2 and up – $9.25 

The Fun Zone opened up a few months ago but we only recently got over there to visit.  We took advantage of a special discount they had New Year’s weekend.  The Fun Zone is much larger than I expected it to be.  The kids had a great time jumping on the different inflatables, trying their hand at baseball in the batting cages, and climbing the little rockwall.  Daddy J and I enjoyed sitting at the table with our books while they played!

The Fun Zone has a Tot Land with toys that are appropriate for the 1-3 year old children.  There are all different kinds of inflatables for all different levels of jumping and sliding as well as an obstacle course inflatable.  There is a small climbing wall that even my four year old was able to climb.  There are a couple of rope swings that were very popular with the kids and the log roll kept my kids laughing the whole time they played on it.  There is a snack bar as well as a Parent’s section with television, Wii, and wifi.   We were very happy with the way the owners and staff were constantly visible and helping when needed.

The Fun Zone offers birthday parties and Parent’s Night Out.  They offer a 10% discount to active military with an ID, groups of 20 or more, and on Sundays with your church bulletin.

Before you go to the Fun Zone, stop by the website for deals and coupons.  The Fun Zone also posts information and coupons on their Facebook page.

Things to Know Before You Go:

  • They take cash or check.  NO credit cards at this time.  There is an ATM on site.
  • Parents have to pay $9.25 if you would like to play with your kids.  If not, parent admission is free.
  • Don’t forget your socks.  You must wear socks.
  • During school holiday breaks, the Fun Zone is open longer.  Call ahead for the exact hours.
  • On Sundays, they open at 2!
  • There is a lot to do, but it did get very crowded.

The Fun Zone is located at 6931 North 9th Avenue next to Party City and their contact number is 850.471.2345.

Bryan Park – Pensacola, Florida

What: Bryan Park; Where: Located behind the Tryon Library on Langley; Cost: FREE

Bryan Park recently opened up and is ready for playing!  Bryan Park is located behind the Tryon Library on Langley.  We were so sad when the new library opened but the land behind it sat empty and uninviting.  Recently we were driving by, and saw that they have started installing playground equipment so we stopped by to play. 

As you can see, the park isn’t finished yet.  According to the Play Pensacola site, there is a lot more park coming in the future but right now they just have swings and a rope web structure.  This was their favorite part of the park. 

There is also a wooden play stepper.  There is a lovely gazebo for picnics or meetings.  The sidewalk would be good for a walk or a bike ride. 

Bryan Park is located at 1200 Langley Avenue.

EPH Lions Club Park

As part of our Find a New Park Each Week series, I want to share our latest find.  The EPH Lions Club Park is located in the East Hill area off of Pickens Avenue and Brainerd Street.  There is parking on the street all around this park which takes up about a block.  There are two large play structures.

And some swings.

There is a huge field perfect for a soccer game, freeze tag, or Red Light, Green Light.  There is also a baseball field and covered shelter.  These big beautiful trees are the perfect place for a picnic, don’t you think?!

The official address of the EPH Lions Club Park is located on 2900 Gonzalez Street.

Aviation Park – Pensacola, Florida

Awhile back I said that I was going to make it one of my goals to find a new park every week.  We usually stick to the same three or four parks.  Well, I failed miserably at exploring parks this summer because it was just so hot.  The weather has been beautiful for the most part, and we are back to our park explorations.  I have got a great one for you!  

In this month’s Pensacola Magazine, Shawn and Lindy Brown of Outdoor Gulf Coast wrote a great article titled 22 Hidden Gems and Outdoor Adventures.  We have visited most of the places in the article, but there were three we hadn’t even heard of.  The Aviation Park is one of them. 

There isn’t much to Aviation Park at first glance.  There are three little airplane toys that the kids can ride, a short control tower (it is about twelve steps to the top), several picnic tables and benches, as well as a blacktop area that looks like a runway. 

When we first got out of the car, both of my kids wanted to know what they were going to play with!  Then, an airplane went racing down the runway that is adjacent to the park! 

Aviation Park is located next to a runway at the Pensacola Airport.  As you walk up to the play control tower, you begin to hear the real PNS Airport air traffic control tower talking to the planes.  They have speakers that are hooked up to the air traffic control tower so you hear what is being said!!

Both kids ran around for a little while but as soon as the planes started taking off and landing, they would race over to the bench to watch them.  We saw all sorts of different planes.

If you look closely, you will see the plane on the runway in the top corner.  I just had my walk-around lens with me, so I didn’t get great pictures of the planes. 



The park is located off of Jerry Maygarden Road which is the Summit Blvd entrance to the airport.

Pensacola Things To Do on raveable

Roger Scott Pool – Pensacola, Florida

The Roger Scott Pool has been open for business for several weeks but we just made it over there for the first time on Wednesday.  Earlier that day, I asked a question about the crowds at the pool on the Facebook fan page and the response was great!  Everyone had a different opinion to share and I was glad to get so many different thoughts.  On a whim at about 11:59, we decided to go to the 12:30 session!  I threw together a bag of beach towels and sunscreen while the kids threw on their swimsuits.  We raced out the door to get to the pool when it opened for the 12:30 session. 

When we arrived, there was a short line but it did move quickly.  As you pay your fee, they are marking how many people enter.  Once they reach capacity, they do not allow anyone else in.  

Let me start out by saying that we did have a good experience.  We stayed for about two hours, the kids played the whole time, and when we left, they both asked when we were going to go back.  That being said, it was very crowded.  We spent a lot of time in the small pool that has the Kid Wash area.  I had a hard time keeping an eye on my children the entire time we were there.  After the Kid Wash area, we headed to the large pool where the slides empty out.  My daughter and I sat in the water surrounded by all the teenagers and watched Big S go down the slides a few times. 

Things to Know Before You Go:

  • Bring cash to make entry easier.  I did see a sign that said they took cash or check, but call ahead to check.
  • Get there at the beginning of the session.  When we were there, the session reached capacity within the first 20m.
  • We didn’t bring food or drink because I wasn’t sure what was allowed, but we saw lots of coolers and even a pizza!
  • Entry is $4 an adult and $3 a child.  Children 4 and under are free.

Roger Scott Pool is open for three different sessions:

Session 1:             9:00am – 12:00pm
Session 2:            12:30pm – 3:30pm
Session 3:             4:00pm – 7:00pm
Thanks, Tanyetta, for the comment!  I forgot to add in the evening swim information!  July 30 and 31, Roger Scott will be open for an evening swim session from 7:30 to 9pm.  This is something they are trying out and if there is enough community response they may add more evening swim dates.

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Free Museum Entry This Summer for Military Families

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the Blue Star Museums Initiative is offering free museum entry to over 600 museums around the country to active military personnel and their families.  There are no participating museums in Pensacola but if you are traveling this summer be sure to check the list before you go.  For more details and restrictions, visit the Blue Star Museums Initiative page.

Sanders Beach-Corinne Jones Community Center – Pensacola, Florida

For Mystery Photo Monday #16, I asked if you knew where this photo was taken:

This beautiful spot is the view from the Sanders Beach-Corinne Jones Community Center park off of Barrancas in Pensacola.  Remember a few months ago I told you that one of my goals was to try and visit a new park every week or two?  Well, I am so excited to have discovered this spot!  There is a great park that Little S loved to play on. 

We took a little walk on the boardwalk by the water and sat on a bench to watch the waves crash and the birds fly by. 

There are restrooms available inside the community center (which is absolutely gorgeous and booked solid for months!). 

There are a ton of activities and classes available here as well.  We are about 15-20 minutes away from this park but it was worth the drive.

Things to Know Before You Go:

  • The boardwalk is right along the water and jagged rocks.  Be sure to hold tight to little curious ones!
  • There are picnic tables and a small pavillion that we were told was first come, first serve.

Sanders Beach-Corinne Jones Community Center is located at 913 S. I Street and the contact number is 850.436.5193

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Easter Eggstravaganza at Sam’s Fun City

Tomorrow, April 3, Sam’s Fun City is having an Easter Eggstravaganza from 9am to 1pm.  Pay only $15 and you will get unlimited rides, special attractions, and an Easter egg hunt.  Sam’s Fun City is located at 6709 Pensacola Blvd, Pensacola, Florida and the contact number is 850.505.0800.

Sunsets at Plaza de Luna Begin Tonight!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that one of my family’s all time favorite Pensacola activities is starting back up again tonight.  I briefly mentioned it in my post about things to do this Spring Break, but our favorite family activity deserves a post all on its own! 

Sunsets at the Plaza occur every Thursday night from April to sometime in September.  The event starts at 5:30 and is located at the end of Palafox at Plaza de Luna.  There is a concession stand with some yummy sandwiches but we usually pack a picnic dinner.  The kids run through the splash pad fountains, run around the grass, listen to the band of the week, and meet the character that is there for the evening.  Once we get into a routine of going weekly, my kids look forward to it and ask about it all the time!    According to the website, this is the schedule for April:

April 1
Music:  Scott Bryan and Friends
Character: Copy Character-Scooby Doo
Jazz Society
Face Painting
April 8
Music: The Charred Melon Cherries
Character: Pensacola Pelicans
April 15
Music: Shades
Character: Chic-fli-a Cow
April 22
Music: UWF Percussion Ensemble
Character: Copy Character-Winnie the Pooh
April 29
Music: Knee Deep
Character: McGruff
See you there!

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