Woodland Heights Park

What: Woodland Heights Park; Where: 520 Woodland Drive; Cost: FREE

We are still on a mission to visit every park in Pensacola and next up was Woodland Heights Park. We had an appointment in the area and after running a bunch of errands, we still had about 45 minutes to waste before the appointment. I had remembered someone telling me about Woodland Heights Park and I realized that it was nearby so we stopped in.

The park has a great play structure with a little zip line, slides, a bridge, and more. There was a seesaw, swings and a metal slide (that we avoided because it was so hot!).

There is a basketball court, several benches and a walking path that you can ride bikes on. I was disappointed to see that this park has not been as well-kept as some of the others we have visited. The grass was overgrown and due for mowing (hopefully this park was next on the city’s list?) in some places and there was some trash and broken glass in the grass. I would recommend closed-toed shoes for this park until it gets cleaned up.

Overall, the kids enjoyed it. Their favorite part was pushing each other back and forth on the zip line!

Aragon Park

What: Aragon Park; Where: 540 Aragon Street; Cost: FREE

Aragon Park is a small park located in the Aragon neighborhood. We stopped by to visit this park on our way to Joe Patti’s seafood. There are some swings and a few little boats to climb.

There are no bathrooms or drinking fountains at this park. We are excited to add Aragon Park to our parks list. My kids both loved the log roller and the little zip line.

Aragon Park is located at 540 Aragon Street.

Springdale Park

What: Springdale Park; Where: 600 East Brent Lane; Cost: FREE

We are back to working our way through our parks list to bring you all you need to know about our local parks. We are so lucky to have so many parks and play spaces in Pensacola and we are still trying to visit all of them on the list!

We were on our way to the store on Sunday afternoon when we realized that the store wasn’t going to open for another twenty minutes. We just happened to be driving down Brent Lane past Springdale Park so we decided to stop and play for a few minutes instead of sit in the parking lot. The park is located off of Brent Lane and you can see it from the street. It is right down the road from the Rave Motion Pictures theater.

There is a large play structure with slides. There are several swings and my kids loved the rock climbing wall.

The park has an expansive open area that has a sand volleyball court and two baseball/softball diamonds. There is a small picnic shelter as well as benches scattered around the park. There is a drinking fountain but it was not working. There are no bathrooms at this park.

Springdale Park is located at 600 East Brent Lane.

Family Fun at a Pensacola Blue Wahoos Baseball Game

My family loves to go to baseball games. When we travel, we make sure that we see a local team play, both Major and Minor League games. We have been to stadiums all over the United States and I have to say that the Blue Wahoos’ stadium is absolutely beautiful. While you are watching a game, you can see the tops of sailboats, seagulls flying above the field and the breeze coming off of the water will help keep everyone cool on a hot summer day. The stadium is small enough that there really isn’t a bad seat in the house.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get Opening Day tickets but we spent Sunday afternoon exploring the park and trying to find answers to the questions you asked. As we collect more information throughout the season, I will update the guide.

Where should I park? * Can I bring a Stroller * Does my child need a ticket? * What are the seating options? * Can I Bring My Own Food? * What sorts of food options are available? * Kid Friendly Activities * Blue Wahoos Kids Club * Blue Wahoo Gear

Where should I park?

Parking is available in a number of lots all around the baseball park. At most, you will be walking about ten minutes from your car to the stadium. The walks are mostly on the sidewalks. We have not attended a night game yet, so I am not sure if street lighting is an issue.

If you wait until you get to the stadium to cross the street, there will likely be a police officer there directing traffic and helping pedestrians.

Refer to Pensacola Parking for a map of the parking available during a Blue Wahoos game.It seems as if there was more parking available then on the map that may not be city sponsored.

If you are arriving early, I recommend that you start to look for parking as close to the stadium as possible and work your way back. When we went to the Sunday game, we arrived an hour and fifteen minutes before the game and we realized that we could have parked directly across the street from the stadium.

On South Reus Street, there is parking available for $10, $7 and $5 and $3, depending on how far down the street you will walk. Our walk was only a few minutes and we were in $3 parking. My husband arrived late to the game (around the 5th inning) and he was able to find parking only three blocks away from the stadium. Some parking fees support Winterfest and other parking fees support the city. Winterfest lots are marked as such.

Can I bring strollers into the stadium?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that it needs to be a stroller that can fit under your party’s seats. An umbrella stroller to get you from the car to the stadium and back would be the best way to go if you need a stroller.

When do you have to buy your child a ticket?

Children ages two and up must have a ticket. If your child is under the age of two, they can sit in your lap. We sat in the Box seats and they are fairly roomy compared to other stadiums we have visited but if you think you will need the extra space, purchase your child a seat.

What are the seating options available?

There are several different seating options at different price points. Like I mentioned before, I think that the park is small enough that there really isn’t a bad seat in the park. The park is small enough that even if you are in Section 117, about as far away as you can get from homeplate, you can still see much of the game. Our seats were in Section 115, and we felt like we had a great view.

$5 – General Admission/Standing Room Only – For $5, you gain access into the park but you are not given a seat location. The Berm is a grassy area in the outfield and is a great place for families to sit. You cannot bring chairs, but you can bring a blanket to sit on. There are some bar stool type chairs available and they are first come, first served. If the party deck is not in use for the game, that will be open for General Admission use as well.

$8 – Reserved – These reserved seats are on benches with backs. Each spot on the bench has a number and you will sit in your assigned seat.

$10 – Box – If you purchase Box seats, you will be sitting in a stadium seat. We sat in Box seats for our first game. We felt the seats were comfortable and roomy for the most part with enough leg room to move around.

Can I bring food into the park?

You are not permitted to bring food into the park. That being said, I had a couple of fruit snacks and crackers that I always carry with me in case of a food meltdown in the middle of a store and we weren’t stopped at the door to empty my bag.

What sorts of food options are available?

I was pleasantly surprised at the food options and pricing available throughout the park. It is definitely ballpark fare but that is part of the fun right?

My son had a kid’s hot dog and French fries and it was $5. That is comparable to most kid’s meals at a restaurant, however this does not come with a drink. There are a couple of drink options, but we decided our best bet was to purchase the Souvenir Soda for $5 (a smaller soda is $3). Refills for the Souvenir Soda are $2 each and you can bring the cups back to your next game. I bought one Souvenir Soda for me and one for my children to share. When we wanted another drink halfway through the game, it was nice to only have to pay $2.

Other food options include a shrimp po’ boy, hamburgers, chicken tenders, wraps, salads and more. Most of the meal choices are $4 to $8. Nachos are $5, a slice of pizza is $3 and French fries are $4.

There are vendors throughout the park selling different things like snowcones, Dippin’ Dots, and more. Each of my kids had a snowcone (Watermelon for Little S and Wahoo – cherry and blue raspberry – for Big S). The snowcones are all $4 and they come in a medium sized cup. Bring cash for the vendors because not all of them take credit cards.

Are there kid-friendly activities at the park?

Watching a baseball game together is a great family-friendly activity but if your kids are like mine, they may be a little antsy halfway through the game. One of the things we do when watching a ball game, is spread out the trips to purchase food. We had lunch during the first inning so I told my kids that we were not going to have any snacks until the 5th inning. This gave them a time to watch for and helped them to pay more attention to the game.

On Saturday nights, there is a fireworks show immediately after the game.

Sunday is Family day. At the end of the game, children are allowed on the field for a post game Catch-on-the-Field and kids can run the bases.

On Tuesdays, there is a special player autograph session behind home plate.

If you are going to the game during a promotional giveaway, you will need to arrive early because supplies are limited.

Kazoo, the mascot, is always wandering the park, too!

What is the Blue Wahoos Kids Club?

For $35, you can enroll your children in the Blue Wahoos Kids Club. The benefits include five game tickets for the Sunday games (April 15, May 13, June 17, July 15 and August 19), pre-game activities on Kids Club game days, off-site activities throughout the season, fun with the Blue Wahoos mascot, kids club newsletter, and official Kids Club hat and membership card. To join, fill out the form.

The tickets are general admission tickets so if you are planning on purchasing seats for yourself, you will need to order the tickets over the phone or at the stadium. When you purchase your tickets, they will make sure that you are seated with your kids but it will cost a few extra dollars.

How much will Blue Wahoo gear cost me?

Children’s T-shirts start around $12. We bought adult sized hats for the kids because they liked how they fit better. Those hats ran us $18 each. Basic adult t-shirts are about $19. The line was long and many of the items were not priced yet so it was a little chaotic.

Play Pensacola Presents Touch-A-Truck

What: Touch-a-Truck; When: July 23rd from 10am to 1pm; Where: Roger Scott Athletic Complex: Cost: FREE with a donation to the Manna Food Pantries

If your kids love cars, trucks, and fire engines, they will love to visit this annual event, Touch-A-Truck.  Children are encouraged to touch, climb and discover construction vehicles, police cars, fire trucks, semi-trucks, buses, and more.  Home Depot will be conducting their Kid’s Workshop, too!  The event is free with a donation to the Manna Food Pantries.

Things to Know Before You Go:

  • We didn’t go last year, but we got several messages that the event was a lot of fun but that it was HOT!  Bring a cooler full of water and drinks for after the event.
  • Roger Scott Athletic Complex is home to the Roger Scott Pool.  If you time it right, you can attend one of the swim sessions and make this a full day outing!

Splash Pad at Plaza de Luna is Open for Business

According to the new Sunsets at Plaza de Luna Facebook page, the splash pad is now open for business:

The interactive fountain is now operating on its “fun season” hours: Monday – Wednesday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. and Thursday – Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Connect with them on Facebook by searching Sunsets at Plaza de Luna for any additional questions you might have about the splash pad.  There is both a page and a group.  According to the group page, they will be phasing out the group and moving to the FB page. 

Don’t forget that Sunsets at Plaza de Luna have already gotten started!

Batter’s Box Family Fun Center – Pace, Florida

What: Mini Golf and Batting Cages; Where: Batter’s Box Family Fun Center in Pace, FL; When: Mon-Thurs 3pm-8pm, Fri 3pm-9pm, Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 12pm-7pm; Cost: Mini Golf – $5 adult, $4 child, Batting Cages vary by hour

We had seen the blue barn that belongs to the Batter’s Box Family Fun Center several times but have never taken the time to visit.  Soccer is more my son’s sport and we had no idea that they have a great mini golf course until I saw a Groupon for it.  I figured that for $9 (we saved $9 by purchasing the Groupon) for my family to try our hand at mini golf, we couldn’t go wrong! 

We ventured out on a Saturday and were pleasantly surprised that the crowds were minimal so we were able to take our time on the mini golf course.  The course is 18 holes and was just the right size for my kids.  As we were walking to the last hole, they both wanted to know when we were going to be finished!  It took us about an hour to complete a round of golf. 

We didn’t stop to play at the playset but I was excited to see something to entertain the younger children while the older ones practiced in the batting cages.

There are also batting cages and the Batter’s Box can hold your birthday party or other event.  If you want a treat after your game, you can get an ice cream from the blue barn!

Things to Know Before You Go:

  • Although the mini golf area is shaded in some areas, a lot of it is not.  The kids got hot very quickly and we all came home with slight sunburns.  It is time to remember sunscreen on all of our outings!

The Batter’s Box Family Fun Center is located at 5566 Woodbine Road in Pace.  The contact number is 850.995.9295.  You can also connect with them on their Facebook page.

Lions Park

What: Lions Park; Where: 1201 East LaRua Street; Cost: FREE

Lions Park is a small park with not much to it but we spent a morning here with several other children and nobody complained once!  We walked down there from a friend’s house and played for about an hour.  There is a baseball/softball field, a couple of swings, and an older metal slide.  There are a couple of benches but there isn’t any shade.  The kids loved running up and down the little hill inside the fence.

Sunsets at Plaza de Luna Park at Palafox Pier Begin April 7, 2011

*As of this update, there will no longer be Sunsets at Plaza de Luna in 2012. If that news changes, we will update this listing.

One of our favorite family friendly events is starting back up again April 7, 2011.  Sunsets at Plaza de Luna at Palafox Pier are a great way to get the family out of the house and spend some time together!  Bring a picnic lunch, listen to the band, let the kids run through the splash pad and enjoy the sunset!
The schedule is as follows:
Date-Band-Type of Music-Character
Apr 7-Hotcakes- Pop-Woody
Apr 14-Mr. Fahrenheit-Rock/Funk-Dora
Apr 21-Steve Perry-Precussion-Spongebob
Apr 28-Pensacola Steel-Steel Drum-Winnie Pooh
May 5-Reflections-Country-Elmo
May 12-Night Shift-Folk/Pop-Barney
May 19-Kathy Lyon-Jazz-Scooby
May 26-EHS Jazz Band-Clifford the Big Red Dog
Jun 2-Cary Laine-New Country-Jack Sparrow
Jun 16-Knee Deep-Rock/Funk-Strawberry Shortcake
Jun 23-Bella Orange-Rock/Funk-Buzz Lightyear
Jun 30-James Askins-Rock/Pop- Ariel

Regency Park

What: Regency Park; Where: 8245 Fathom Road; Cost: FREE

In keeping with our mission to try to find a new park every two weeks (it used to be every week but that was just too much work to get out there that often!), last weekend we decided to visit Regency Park.  It came recommended from a few friends and we thought we would check it out. 

Regency Park has a decent sized playground that kept both of my kids busy for about 20 minutes.  The playground includes some climbing equipment, slides, and a bridge. 

There are also a couple of swings. 

We were pleased to see a walking path that would be handy for a little bike ride.  According to the sign painted on the pavement, one mile equals three laps around. 

There is also a small pavilion with a couple of picnic tables as well as benches scattered around.

There is a tennis court and a basketball court. 

Things to Know Before You Go:

  • We saw five or six bees while we were there.  If you or your child are allergic, please be aware.
  • This is a neighborhood park but there are several parking spaces and street parking.
  • When we typed in Regency Park, our GPS took us to a house that was nowhere near the park.  When we looked up the official address, we were taken to the park!

Regency Park is located at 8245 Fathom Road.

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