Mystery Photo Monday #4

Can you figure out where this photo was taken?  It is a beautiful little walk and is free to visit.  Take a stroll or sit on one of the benches that surround this area…

We hope you will play along!  If you think you know where this picture was taken, leave a comment with your guess in the post.  I will post the answer tomorrow. 

Stay tuned later today because we have a great Valentine giveaway coming up!

Mystery Photo Monday #3

Children love to run in and out of these!  Do you know where this is?

If you want to play along, post a comment telling us where you think this might be!  I will post the answer tomorrow!

Mystery Photo Monday #2

For this week’s Mystery Photo Monday, I am sharing with you one of my favorite signs!  Do you know where you can find this funny warning?


To play along, leave a comment in this post and tell us where you think this photo was taken!  I will post the correct answer later!

Mystery Photo Monday #1 – Answer!

Yesterday, we had our first installment of Mystery Photo Monday where I asked if you knew where this adventurous guy was located:


All three comments were correct–it is Don Tristan de Luna at Plaza De Luna!  Thanks for playing along!  If you didn’t comment this week, we hope you will play along with us next week!  I will definitely have to be a little bit trickier!

Mystery Photo Monday #1

Today is the first installment of one of our new features – Mystery Photo Monday.  We hope you will play along! 

Do you know who this adventurous guy is or where he can be found?  Leave a comment on this post if you think you know who it is and where to find him!


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