Ideas for Days 1 through 7 of 77 Days of Summer with PWK

A few weeks ago, I shared our 77 Days of Summer with Pensacola with Kids list and mentioned that I would share daily activities that coordinated with the list. I am a little behind but I figured since Santa Rosa County just let out the other day that is okay. I will double up on some days in the middle of the summer to catch up so we get all 77 days taken care of before Escambia County goes back to school.

Day One – Create a summer journal (#1 in the first column of the 77 Days list).

We didn’t get very creative with our summer journal. I just grabbed two spiral notebooks leftover from the school year. I wrote their names on the front and they are going to decorate them with stickers from our summer adventures. My goal is to have them write at least three entries each week. My 7yo will write a paragraph and draw a picture to go with it. My 5yo will draw a picture and I will write sentences that she dictates. We will add any brochures, tickets, or pictures that we collect along the way.

Day Two – Go blueberry picking (#21 in the first column of the 77 Days list).

Blueberry picking season is going to be nearing the end in the next month or so. Head to your favorite blueberry farm and pick some berries. Even if you only pick a few pounds, they are cheaper than buying them in the store and it is a fun family activity.

Day Three – Blow bubbles outside (#25 in the second column of the 77 Days list).

Now that the weather has cleared up a little bit, spend some time together outside as a family. I bought a big tea dispenser (the kind with a spigot at the bottom of it) and filled it up with a large jar of bubble solution (the bubbles were $2.49 and the jar was $5). The jar has a permanent home outside next to little cannisters of bubbles. Whenever my kids run out of bubbles in the little cannisters, they can fill them up themselves with the larger jar. I got this idea from Come Together Kids where she also shares some bubble recipes.

Day Four – Go stargazing (#10 in the third column of the 77 days list).

If the weather continues to hold, head out to Pensacola Beach on June 15th and join the Escambia Amateur Astronomers Association. They will be hosting a stargazing event at Ft. Pickens Battery Worth Picnic Area from sundown until 10pm. You can also head out on your own. A few weeks ago, we downloaded the Google Sky app and used our phones to locate constellations and planets while we waited for the Blue Wahoos fireworks to begin. It was a great way to waste away the time while we waited.

Day Five – Watch a free movie (#5 in the first column of the 77 days list).

The free movies are in full swing! There are a number of free movie offerings at many of the theaters around town:

Day Six – Visit a state park (#6 in the second column of the 77 days list).

I don’t know about you but after being inside all week, I am ready to go for a walk. We have a number of state parks in our area. Call ahead to see if they have sustained any damage from the flash floods.

Day Seven – Donate to the Wildlife Sanctuary (#5 in the third column of the 77 Days list).

In the 77 Day list, I have Bring supplies to the Wildlife Sanctuary and learn more about the animals. Unfortunately, the floods from a few days ago have devastated their buildings. According to their FB page, they are currently without power, phones, Internet, or dry storage. If you are willing to donate, they are asking for giftcards for supplies and groceries or monetary donations so that they may buy things as they need them. You won’t be able to learn about the animals but you can still help out. See their FB page for more information.


Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

This week, we have gotten the notice that we need a certain amount of Valentine’s delivered to the school on February 14th.  We usually head to the store and pick out the little paper Valentine’s.  That being said, I spent a few hours exploring Pinterest and found some great ideas so now I am trying to decide if I should be adventurous!  Here are some of the ideas that I have found!  Stop by their websites for directions!

Tic Tac Toe by Shim & Sons


Butterfly Lollipops by Skip to My Lou (with a free template to download!)

Source: via Lori on Pinterest


Crayon Hearts by Cotton Candy Castle

Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest


Photograph Valentine’s by Family Fun and Remodelaholic


What are you doing for Valentine’s Day this year?

Also, if you are on Pinterest, you can follow me.  I use Pinterest to save all of my favorite craft ideas and recipes, books I want to read, and more.

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