Workout Options during the Coronvirus Social Distancing Stay at Home Escapade

Now that everyone is at home because of the Coronavirus and your gym has been forced to close, don’t let that discourage you from keeping up a fitness routine. Stress is going to be high and exercise is a great way to deal with it. Many gyms have taken to creating online videos, live Facebook workouts, or just motivational instruction and offering them for FREE to anyone.

If you don’t want to use one, at least take time during your day to get outside in the sunshine, take a walk or jog around the block, do some situps or pushups, lift the kids, stretch, do some yoga, whatever it is that helps keep you active. And, don’t forget to get the kids involved! They can exercise with you. Taking time to help them practice their sports is good exercise too!

Below is a list that we have found of gyms offering those FREE online services! If you know of any that we missed, or want to add yours, please message us! Happy exercising!

Regymen Fitness

Regymen Fitness is posting #RegymenAtHome each afternoon so that everyone can work out the next day at the time that works best. They are giving instructions for each exercise along with modifications.


Orangetheory is sharing a new 30-minute workout video each day, featuring some of its most popular coaches from around the world. According to the fitness center, the workouts don’t require any special equipment but may feature everyday household items.

Orangetheory’s first at-home workout was designed to help alleviate stress and elevate your mood.

Blink Fitness

Blink Fitness is hosting Facebook Live sessions weekdays at 8 a.m. ET. The fitness chain will host virtual workouts, give tips to stay motivated and answer fitness questions from the comments. 

Blink Fitness is hosting Facebook Live sessions weekdays at 8 a.m. ET. The fitness chain will host virtual workouts, give tips to stay motivated and answer fitness questions from the comments. 


For the next 90 days, Peloton is offering its app to new users for free. Even if you don’t have the bike, the app has yoga, meditation, strength, stretching, bodyweight cardio, and strength training exercises. According to the company, all you need is a mat to get started.

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym is offering a variety of digital workouts for free through the end of May. Its app offers over 600 audio and video workouts.


YMCA has launched more than 60 free online exercise classes and youth programs to “support the health and well-being of the community,” said in a press release.

Among the classes: boot camp, barre, yoga, weightlifting, boxing, Tai Chi and more.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is live streaming “Work-Ins” at 7 p.m. ET every day on Facebook. The company said its trainers, and occasionally surprise celebrity guests, will lead the 20-minute workouts, which are free for everyone. 

Crunch Fitness

All Crunch Fitness members, regardless of membership tier, will now have free access to the Crunch Live platform, which offers offer 100 workouts that can be streamed on phones, tablets or TVs. The app has a variety of workouts, including dance, yoga and kickboxing.  

Life Time

Life Time announced Thursday “Classes on Demand,” a way for members and non-members across the country to stream cardio, strength and yoga classes for free. New classes are added every day and include kickboxing, barre, guided meditations and more.

305 Fitness

305 Fitness is offering cardio dance live streams twice a day on YouTube. The sessions are held at 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. ET, and are hosted by the founder of the studio, Sadie Kurzban. 

Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp is hosting 20-minute bodyweight workouts live on Instagram for free. On Tuesday, its 9 a.m. PDT workout was hosted by CEO Joey Gonzalez, and ithe 12 p.m. PDT workout was led by VP of Curriculum Chris Hudson. 

CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga is offering free access to a limited collection of online yoga and meditation classes while studios are closed. “What’s important to remember right now is that our yoga practice is always there for us – wherever we are,” the company said. 

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club Designed for full workouts at home or at the gym, with or without equipment, this app offers countless free workouts led by trainers.

FitOn This app is free to download and the workouts, which vary from cardio to weight training to Pilates, are free to access and use at any time. Just sign up, answer questions based on your fitness levels and goals, and you’re set.

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