Summer Guest Blogger- Charline Barger ” Writing a Coop List”


You have probably heard plenty about bucket lists, those essentials we
want to accomplish before we “kick the bucket,” such as visiting
exotic locales and jumping out of a plane. But, what about a list for
kids? We all know how quickly childhood flies by. Before we know it,
our little ones will be too big to do many of the things we consider
important parts of adolescence.

So, why not write a “coop” list for our kids, a collection of the
activities we want our children to experience before they “fly the
coop?” Below is an example “coop” list. Of course, each one will be
unique. You may include the moments you cherish from your childhood orth15H8HP7S
activities you think your son or daughter would especially enjoy.

Just as with a bucket list, there may be destinations (but probably
ones like Disney World in the place of the Greek Isles) and
experiences (think flying a kite rather than bungie jumping). Items on
your list might be skills for your little ones to learn, such as doing
a cartwheel or mastering the monkey bars. And don’t forget the small
stuff. A very simple task, like planting a garden in your backyard or
roasting marshmallows over a campfire, can end up being one of your
child’s favorite memories.

Why write a list, you ask? I don’t know about you, but I don’t get
anything done without a list and checking those boxes off will feel
satisfying for both you and your child. Bring your kids in on the fun
and you may be surprised by their contributions. Sure, you have plenty
of time before they will fly off from your coop, but you want to be
sure to have those fun, youthful adventures now. After all, very few
twenty-year-olds want to go rollerskating with their parents.

Have a treehouse
Go to the beach
Go camping
Play a team sport
Have a pet
Read a novel with a parent
Build a fort
Get a treat from the ice cream truck
Go swimming in a lake
Go on a train ride
Play in the rain


Bio:  Charline Barger

Charline is a local stay-at-home mom of three wonderful children: Jude
(9), Ruby (7), and Caroline (8months). She has taught English at the
middle and high school levels. Her writing has been published on
various websites and in community newspapers.

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