Pensacola Cooks Kid’s Classes…worth checkin out!

pccookslogoA few weeks ago  I was lucky enough to get invited to head over to the new Everman’s kitchen and take my littlest to a Pensacola Cooks Kid’s Class.  While Spencer is at pre-k, his sister and I relish what she has started to call “girl time” with Mama.   These classes are designed for the 3-5 year old set and are offered a few times per month at Everman’s.   The cost varies, so check the Pensacola Cooks website and calendar for details.


When we arrived we were greeted by Jacki Selby, Chief Edutainer for Pensacola Cooks.  Samantha was able to pic out an apron and we waited pccooks8for the other toddlers to arrive.  She explained that this particular class was small due to several last minute cancellations and that they usually limit the number of kids in a class to 10.   Jacki was there to oversee and assist, but there was another gal there who was in charge of teaching the class.

Once the other 2 “chefs” arrived, we got started on that day’s lesson, which was baking some delicious (and healthy) pumpkin donuts.  PC Cooks uses local ingredients and tries to stick to the “whole foods” model as often as possible.  Jacki mentioned that they will sometimes do gluten free recipes as well.

Before they got started, I was also told that I could leave Sam there and go run errands while the class was taking place.  I stayed to watch but thought this was an added bonus for busy Moms!

The instructor did a great job including the girls in every step of the process starting with moving all the ingredients to the cooking area and ending with the clean up.  They helped measure the ingredients, mix everything and even helped carry the donuts to the oven.  Well, “near” the oven….the instructors were also very aware of kitchen safety and taught the chefs about being careful at every opportunity, so the adults took care of the oven work.  🙂

pccooks2 pccooks4 pccooks6 pccooks7

I was given a wonderful handout of the day’s recipe, complete with pictures of all the ingredients so the kids can identify what they are using.

And the pumpkin donuts were yummy!

They also made adorable “banana ghosts” and little “orange pumpkins” while we waited for the donuts to bake.pccooks5

Sam had a wonderful time and I can absolutely say we will do this again.  There’s a class this Thursday called “PCKids: Preschool Chefs Thanksgiving Cooking Lab: Creative “Stuffing” and Edible Cornucopias” that is $15 per child, as well as several others before the end of the year.  Again, you can check the Pensacola Cooks website and calendar for details.



  1. My kindergartener has randomly been talking about pumpkin donuts lately (though never having made or eaten one in his life)! I wonder if a child in his class had done this? Sounds so fun!

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