Carmike $4 Summer Movie Schedule




Carmike Cinemas Bayou 15 @ 5149 Bayou Blvd will begin it’s Summer Kids Series on June 13th, 2013.

Movies will be shown every Thursday at 10am. The cost is $4 and that includes a drink, popcorn, candy, and admission.

Mark Your Calendars!




  • June 13  Despicable Me


  • June 20  The Smurfs


  • June 27  Hotel Transylvania


  • July 4  Ice Age


  • July 11  Rio


  • July 18  Horton Hears a Who


  • July 23  Madagascar 3


  • August 1  Happy Feet 2


  • August 8  Yogi Bear


  • August 15  Chimpanzee

Things to Know Before You Go:

  • Head to these movies with patience.  While they won’t fill up as quickly as the FREE summer movies, expect them to be crowded. This is not a date night movie and there will be constant noise during the movie. It does quiet down to a reasonable level but remember that the movie is free and full of kids!
  • Doors open at 9:30 but a line begins closer to 9am.
  • You may want to go with a friend who can watch your seat if you have to get up for whatever reason.



  1. Jackie and Kassie says:

    This is very sad to see that Carmike will not be doing the FREE Summer Kids Movies and they even raised their price on it from $2 to $4, guess we will not be doing the theater this summer, just not worth it. One of these days maybe the Cinema’s will realize that the Free Summer Program gave a great look to the Cinema and this just sunk it for me and my house. Oh well it is all about the almighty dollar than about customer appreciation and who best than to try and target the kids and their parents with something great. I don’t see daycares taking advantage of this too much this summer either. Plus instead of 2 days out of the week it is one day a week.

  2. Did you see that there are two theaters that are having the free summer movies? We posted links to both of those and will include them in our “Summer Round-Up” that is due at month end. I know it’s disappointing that they raised their prices, but there are other options. Plus lots of other free things to do. We will do our best to keep our readers up to date on everything that is happening. 🙂

  3. Crystal says:

    This is why I will be driving to Gulf Shores for a day long treat. Cobb Movie Theater shows free movies this summer and it is usually not crowded like Rave.

  4. Stacy Lawrence says:

    The cost is $4 and that includes a drink, popcorn, candy, and admission. Thank you Carmike for providing a movie and the normal $5 kids box for only $4 bucks! Can’t beat it!

  5. Just wanted to let you know that the dates and corresponding movies must have been changed after you posted this. We were really looking forward to Hotel Transylvania, but the Carmike website shows today’s movie as Ice Age. Just wanted to let you know 🙂

  6. And never mind to my previous comment. I realized I was looking at wrong theater 🙂

  7. No worries! 🙂