Woodland Heights Park

What: Woodland Heights Park; Where: 520 Woodland Drive; Cost: FREE

We are still on a mission to visit every park in Pensacola and next up was Woodland Heights Park. We had an appointment in the area and after running a bunch of errands, we still had about 45 minutes to waste before the appointment. I had remembered someone telling me about Woodland Heights Park and I realized that it was nearby so we stopped in.

The park has a great play structure with a little zip line, slides, a bridge, and more. There was a seesaw, swings and a metal slide (that we avoided because it was so hot!).

There is a basketball court, several benches and a walking path that you can ride bikes on. I was disappointed to see that this park has not been as well-kept as some of the others we have visited. The grass was overgrown and due for mowing (hopefully this park was next on the city’s list?) in some places and there was some trash and broken glass in the grass. I would recommend closed-toed shoes for this park until it gets cleaned up.

Overall, the kids enjoyed it. Their favorite part was pushing each other back and forth on the zip line!


  1. Right around the corner from Bailey’s..very cool thanks!
    Should make the kids happy when I make them stop at Bailey’s yet again!

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