Watch Blue Wahoos Post-Game Fireworks Even if You Don’t Have Tickets

*Be sure to scroll down to watch the video we took of the fireworks!

When the Blue Wahoos are playing a Saturday night home game, an impressive fireworks show finishes off the evening. We purchased one of the mini plan options but, unfortunately, it doesn’t include a single Saturday game.

When the Blue Wahoos were home a few weeks ago, we tried to buy tickets to the Saturday night game but they were sold out. Once again, we waited too long to buy tickets this weekend. We didn’t let that deter us, though. We packed up the kids and drove downtown to find the perfect spot to view the post-game fireworks.

When are the after-game fireworks?

After-game fireworks happen after Saturday home games. Check the Blue Wahoos promotional schedule before you go.

Where should I watch the fireworks? 

We decided that Palafox Pier (down by the splash pad) would be a great spot and we weren’t the only ones with this idea. There were a handful of people milling around waiting for the fireworks. Parking is plentiful as long as there isn’t a big event going on downtown. There are plenty of benches and areas to sit.

When should you head downtown?

Unfortunately, there is no perfect way to know when you should arrive downtown for the show. Every baseball game is different. Games could finish quickly in less than two hours or they could go into extra innings lasting much longer.

We followed @bluewahoosbball on Twitter. They happened to post the score during the 5th inning so we decided to take our chances and head downtown. We could hear the fans counting down and then the fireworks show began. If you have a friend at the game, you could have them text you at a certain time. You can also watch the games live on the website (thanks to reader, Kelly, for the link!) or listen to them on 1450ESPN Pensacola radio.

We did have to wait about 35-40 minutes but it was worth the wait.


  1. Julie S. says

    My husband and I took our 3 yr old to the grassy area at the entrance of the park. We stopped by Krispy Kreme and picked up some doughnuts and brought our picnic blanket and cameras and plopped down in the grass and waited for about 30 minutes before they started. We met a couple of awesome people while waiting for the fireworks. This will become a new Saturday night tradition (home games of course!)

  2. So glad that you had fun, Julie! We are hoping to watch the fireworks again soon too!

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