77 Days of Summer with Pensacola with Kids

School is almost out for Escambia County and Santa Rosa County is only a week behind Escambia. I can’t believe it is already summer yet, at the same time, it feels like summer has taken forever to get here!

We have 11 weeks of summer and that is a lot of time to fill. My children helped me create this list of 77 things to do this summer. Last year’s list had 55 things, but I decided to fill in the weekends so you had more activity choices. Some of the activities will look familiar but it is easy to put a different spin on them.

The list includes adventures around town, things you can do at home, and day trips. Many of the activities are free or just cost a few dollars. Even if you will be traveling or the kids will be in summer camps, many of these activities can be done on the weekends or during an evening together as a family.

Each week, I will highlight seven of the activities from this list and share ideas, recipes and more to help you make the most of your summer with your family. I will also be bringing back our Summer Road Trip Celebration to share things to do in locations that are less than a day’s drive away (first up is Chattanooga!).

There are three ways to print this list: 1) The easiest way to print out the list is to click on this 77 Days of Summer link. It will open a window with the link. Click on the second link and it will open the list in PDF format.  Print.  2) Click on the photo below.  It will open a window with another photo.  Click again and print.  3) Print this post.

Here is the list! Is there something that we should add to the list? Stay tuned for weekly updates!

{   }  Create a summer journal.

{   }  Visit the library and pick a new book to read. Stay for one of the summer activities.

{   }  Attend the Grand Opening of the Community Maritime Park.

{   }  Have a day with no electronics.

{   }  Watch a free movie at the theater.

{   }  Visit the public pool.

{   }  Find a playground that is new to you.

{   }  Go bowling.

{   }  Go on a nature walk.

{   }  Go to the beach and look for shells.

{   }  Grab your flashlight and explore a fort.

{   }  Visit the MESS Hall.

{   }  Drive down Hwy 98. Visit the Butterfly House, the science center and more.

{   }  Visit the newly renovated Gulfarium.

{   }  Visit the Children’s Discovery Museum.

{   }  Treat yourself to some frozen yogurt.

{   }  Attend a Bands on the Blackwater Concert in Downtown Milton.

{   }  Go for a sail or take a dolphin cruise.

{   }  Have a backyard campout.

{   }  Write a letter or draw a picture to mail.

{   }  Go blueberry picking.

{   }  Watch a Blue Wahoos baseball game.

{   }  Play a board game together.

{   }  Eat at a local restaurant you haven’t tried.

{   }  Pack a picnic and go to Bands on the Beach.

{   }  Make your own sidewalk chalk paint.

{   }  Learn something new in a Gulf Islands National Seashore program.

{   }  Have a family slumber party.

{   }  Donate something or do a service for someone.

{   }  Visit a state park.

{   }  Tie dye or decorate t-shirts.

{   }  Play mini golf.

{   }  Drive to Mobile and visit the USS Alabama, Fort Conde, 5 Rivers and more.

{   }  Make your own play dough.

{   }  Shop the dollar bins at the craft store and have a crafty afternoon.

{   }  Drive the cars at Fast Eddie’s or Sam’s.

{   }  Take a class.

{   }  Visit the fire station.

{   }  Make a bird feeder.

{   }  Stay in your pjs all day and make breakfast for dinner.

{   }  Write a story.

{   }  Try something new.

{   }  Watch the sunset at the beach.

{   }  Have a food tasting.

{   }  Try the rootbeer at the Pensacola Bay Brewery.

{   }  Spend the day in the kitchen baking.

{   }  Paint some pottery.

{   }  Take a drive to Gulf Shores and visit The Wharf, the zoo, Waterville, and more.

{   }  Blow bubbles outside.

{   }  Visit the pet store.

{   }  Go to a Lowes or Home Depot Kid’s Clinic.

{   }  Wash and detail the car and your bikes.

{   }  Make marshmallow poppers.

{   }  Visit the zoo.

{   }  Create a scrapbook or timeline with all of your summer memories.

{   }  Bring supplies to the Wildlife Sanctuary and learn about the animals.

{   }  Watch the Blue Angels practice and visit the Naval Aviation Museum.

{   }  Plant flowers together.

{   }  Try something outside of your comfort zone.

{   }  Rent a tube or a canoe and float down the river.

{   }  Go stargazing.

{   }  Go roller skating.

{   }  Take a walk on the pier and look for sealife.

{   }  Watch fireworks.

{   }  Do a scavenger hunt at the farmer’s market.

{   }  Fly a kite.

{   }  Watch an IMAX movie.

{   }  Write and act out a play.

{   }  Visit a farm.

{   }  Do an art project.

{   }  Have a dance party in the living room.

{   }  Become a junior ranger at the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

{   }  Do a science experiment.

{   }  Slide down the waterslides at Sam’s.

{   }  Go birdwatching.

{   }  Visit the splash pad and then have lunch or grab a treat on Palafox.

{   }  Make puppets and have a puppet show.


  1. Jennifer B says

    Thanks for doing this!!!!

  2. I was hoping you’d do a list again this year! I printed last summers list, and it was a great go-to when we needed some inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your site is awesome!!! I was just touting to other moms, at a birthday party on Sunday, that my family wouldn’t have adjusted as well as we did without your site.

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