Springdale Park

What: Springdale Park; Where: 600 East Brent Lane; Cost: FREE

We are back to working our way through our parks list to bring you all you need to know about our local parks. We are so lucky to have so many parks and play spaces in Pensacola and we are still trying to visit all of them on the list!

We were on our way to the store on Sunday afternoon when we realized that the store wasn’t going to open for another twenty minutes. We just happened to be driving down Brent Lane past Springdale Park so we decided to stop and play for a few minutes instead of sit in the parking lot. The park is located off of Brent Lane and you can see it from the street. It is right down the road from the Rave Motion Pictures theater.

There is a large play structure with slides. There are several swings and my kids loved the rock climbing wall.

The park has an expansive open area that has a sand volleyball court and two baseball/softball diamonds. There is a small picnic shelter as well as benches scattered around the park. There is a drinking fountain but it was not working. There are no bathrooms at this park.

Springdale Park is located at 600 East Brent Lane.


  1. Keep in mind on Very HOT Florida days this park is not in a shaded area!! Most of the childrens jungle gyms/play equiptment is right out in the sun and it heats up FAST! Other than that it’s right down the street from PCA and PCC and a great after school stop for letting a little energy out!

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