From the Archives: The Letter H

Every Monday I am reaching back into the archives to share the learning activities that we did last year when Little S was home with me.  Each week, we worked our way through the alphabet and we read stories, did crafts, and played games that helped reinforce the letter we were learning that week.  This week we are learning about the Letter H!   If you have any activities to go with our activities let us know!


  1. Color the Letter H.
  2. Trace the Letter H.
  3. Color the Hidden letter Worksheet.


  1. Talk about our homes (similarities and differences from friends/relatives/etc; what is in our homes).
  2. Make the 3D paper house activity.
  3. Practice your address.


  1. Read But Not the Hippopotamus by Sandra Boyton.
  2. Color the hippo.
  3. Make the Hippo Paper Bag Puppet.
  4. Make the Marshmallow Hippo craft (scroll down).  This calls for foam craft marshmallows, but I think we will use real marshmallows and frosting or toothpicks (be sure to help your little one with the toothpicks since they are sharp.) for a fun snack.


  1. Read Old Hat New Hat by Stan and Jan Berenstein
  2. Make a hat or a hat out of newspaper.


  1. Make a handprint turkey.  I love this project.  We are not having family over this year but if Thanksgiving was going to be celebrated at my house, I would love to do this for my dinner table cloth!

Next week, it is all about the turkey and Thanksgiving!

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