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The website says that the Condor 40 Trimaran looks like something out of Star Trek and it certainly does.  It doesn’t look incredible stable to be honest with you.  It made me immediately think about a book I read recently where the author sailed around the world encountering all kinds of adventures.  I didn’t really want too much of an adventure today.  I didn’t want to have to jump into the ocean, ok bay, and rescue my child from any number of scary sea life that could be living under the water.

I thought about heading back to the car but Captain Kirk from Condor Sailing Adventures spotted us and introduced himself before I could grab my kids and run.  Besides, they had already spotted the boat and were practically climbing over the fence to board it.

We got a quick safety talk from Captain Kirk and then he helped us board and get settled on the trampolines.  All of my fears were put to rest as soon as we left the dock.  The boat cuts through the water the way a warm knife cuts through butter.  It is completely stable and you hardly notice any rocking at all, even when the boat starts speeding up.  Once we got into the Pensacola Bay, we watched Captain Kirk unfurl the sails and pick up the wind.  We cruised around for a little while learning more about the boat.  There were only 21 of these boats made so it is not only a unique looking boat but it is also rare.

Captain Kirk was not only an excellent captain but also a wonderful teacher.  During the two hours, he taught all of us about the different parts of the boat and the bay but the best part of the trip was being able to drive the boat.  Both children had several chances to drive the boat.


Little S enjoyed it but I think that she enjoyed exploring the boat the best.  Big S on the other hand took driving the boat seriously.  Since that sailing, he has proclaimed that he will be living on a boat instead of a house when he is old enough to move out on his own.

The beauty of Condor Sailing Adventures is that Captain Kirk will cater your sail to your needs.  He has hosted weddings, engagements, family groups, birthday parties and more.  There are snorkel trips available also.  You can book the whole boat or pay per person.

Twice daily the boat sails for a two-hour Dolphin Fun Cruise.  The sailing times are from 11am tp 1pm and 2pm to 4pm.  The boat also sails daily for a Sunset Cruise around 4:30pm.  Each of these adventures are limited to six people so the boat never feels crowded.  The daily two hour sailing trips at $59 per person and children are half off.

Are you ready to find yourself here?

Here is the good news!  Captain Kirk has offered Pensacola with Kids readers a November Sailing Special!

November is a great month for a fun, relaxing sailing with family and friends.  Mention “Pensacola with Kids” and get 10% off any Two-Hour sailing cruise – including our twice-daily Fun Cruises and our daily Sunset Cruise.  Offer expires November 30, 2011.

It was wonderful to learn more about sailing, spend some quality forced family fun with my kids and I can’t wait to get my husband out on the boat for one of the more romantic sunset cruises!

*Thank you to Condor Sailing Adventures for hosting us.  As always my opinions are my own with no outside influences (except for my kids!).


  1. There is no better way to relax for me, than to be on a sailboat in my native Toronto. With children aboard, I enjoy it even more. We always have a wonderful time together and return home with amazing memories that, I hope, will last a lifetime.

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