From the Archives: Celebrating Fall

This weekend was gorgeous!  The weather was perfect for exploring Pensacola.  Corn mazes, hay mazes, and pumpkin patches opened up and there were lots of festivals to kick off the fall season.

Every Monday I am reaching back into the archives to share the learning activities that we did last year when Little S was home with me.  I decided that this week is the perfect week to celebrate fall!  Each week, we worked our way through the alphabet and we read stories, did crafts, and played games that helped reinforce the letter we were learning that week.  If you have any additional activities to add to the list, please leave us a comment!


  1. Leaf Rubbings – Go for a walk in the neighborhood or at your favorite park.  Collect different kinds of leaves.  Lay them on the table and place a piece of paper over the top of it.  Color the paper so the leaf rubbing will show.


  1. Color the scarecrow coloring sheet.
  2. Complete the scarecrow dot to dot to practice numbers.
  3. Make a paper plate scarecrow.


  1. Make a library trip to get some books on Fall or October.


  1. Read Fall poems together.  Make up our own.
  2. Make a handprint wreath.  Trace your child’s hand 10-20 times (depending on how big you want your wreath) and cut them out.  Glue them together in the shape of a circle.  You can also let your child paint their hands and make the wreath on paper instead.


  1. Make a fingerprint tree.
  2. Read our library books.
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