From the Archives – The Letter C

Every Monday I am reaching back into the archives to share the learning activities that we did last year when Little S was home with me.  Each week, we worked our way through the alphabet and we read stories, did crafts, and played games that helped reinforce the letter we were learning that week.  If you have any additional activities to add to the list, please leave us a comment!

Letter C


  1.  Color the Letter C and this letter C.
  2. Trace the Letter C.
  3. Eat carrots for a snack.


  1.  Read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle or watch the video ofThe Very Hungry Caterpillar (this is a YouTube video. I have watched it and deemed it appropriate to watch together with my own children. Be sure to always preview YouTube videos before you show them to your children).
  2. Caterpillar numbers practice – Color in the circles and put the numbers in order
  3. Butterfly art project – Trace your child’s hands, cut the out and put them together as the butterfly wings (fingers pointing out).  Draw the butterfly body and add pipe cleaners for antennae.  Draw eyes or glue googly eyes!


  1.  Practice tracing circles.
  2. Draw a pizza or use the pizza coloring sheet.  Draw circle shaped veggies and pepperonis.
  3. Eat pizza for lunch.  We love homemade pizza or English Muffin pizzas!


  1.  Trace the number 1.
  2. Using cotton balls (which are circles!), make a number one on a piece of construction paper.
  3. Catch up on anything that we didn’t finish Mon, Tues, or Wed.


  1.  Read The Cat and the Fiddle.
  2. Make a Cow Jumping Over Moon art project (scroll down the site…you can’t get the template unless you are a member, but you can use the picture as an idea for the project) or make the Hanging Around Paper Plate for Kids (third project from top).
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