Cambridge Farms – Milton, FL

What:  Cambridge Farms; Where: 3200 Deloach Lane, Milton; When: Hours vary daily, check their FB page to confirm; Cost: FREE

Today I am welcoming Ashley to Pensacola with Kids with her guest post about Cambridge Farms!  I was so excited when she offered to write up a post about Cambridge Farms because it is on our list of places to visit but we just haven’t gotten there yet.  Thanks for your post, Ashley!

I really love the simple life of a farm, don’t you? That’s why on a mid-Sunday afternoon we decided to venture out to Cambridge Farms in Milton, Fl.  It looked like quite a drive on my phone’s map, but it was a nice scenic ride through the country! Newly planted fields in prep for the fall crops surrounded the road. We saw cows, horses, and even had a few opportunities along the way to stop and buy the farms produce out by the road. And I spotted Holland Farms, which is a great place to visit in the fall.

Once we found the farm, (they have little signs posted) we drove down a long bumpy dirt road. At the end, there was a cute small house with a big nice porch, and a barn-like structure. The really nice owners immediately greeted us, and offered to give us a tour of their animals. We saw lots of ducks, geese, huge turkeys, chickens, etc. The goats greeted us as we walked up, and one of their potbelly pigs! We got to see the peacock resting under a tree. And the best part is, most of their animals are rescues. They really educate you about the animals, and you can really tell they love what they do. The animals were so well taken care of! This farm is one of the most natural farms I’ve seen, they use zero chemicals/pesticides and make their own compost. They are one of Florida’s few natural vineyards!

The blueberries from Cambridge Farms were awesome! They had huge bushes with sweet delicious berries. They were full with ripe berries but still had plenty of ones that will be ready over the next couple weeks. For a 5lb buckets its $7.00. We filled ours up ¾ of the way and bought a bumper sticker all for $7.00. They also had a nice porch with plenty of seating. L and I sat here while hubby broke into our car with the keys locked inside. L Tom even sent me an e-mail saying they now offer “moonlight pickings” on Friday evenings. They have live music, and blueberry picking from 6-9, so it’s cooler in the evening to pick. I’m sure this farm as much more than what we saw, we will be visiting again in the fall for the U-pick grapes! 

Things to know before you go:

  • Bring sunscreen even though they have great places to pick in the shade!
  • They did offer us drinks several times, but I still prefer to bring my own.
  • There are free-range animals on the premises, so watch out for everything they leave behind!
  • Hours are 7-4 Mon-Sun, or call for appointment.

Cambridge Farms has a very active Facebook page and if you ask a question there, they are quick to respond.

Ashley C. is a mom to a 13 month old little boy.  She was born and raised in Pace. They are an outdoorsy kind of family and they love to go on new adventures (even though L is so young!).  She is also very active in the MOMS Club of Pace/Milton where she serves on the board. 


  1. We had a great time at Cambridge Farms! Unfortunately, blueberry season is over with now! 🙁 check their site or Facebook to stay up to date for the U-pick grapes in September.

  2. Ashley-Thanks for the comment and the guest post! I did see that they have a few blueberries left according to their FB page!

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