Hurricane Season Begins Today. Are You Ready?

Today is June 1st.  Not only does it mean that school is almost over, but it also means that Hurricane Season is upon us!  It is time to replenish your hurricane supply!  Even though we haven’t had a major hurricane in awhile, we still need to be prepared just in case.  I usually purchase our hurricane supplies and when hurricane season comes and goes, we work our way through the supplies so nothing goes to waste and we don’t waste money.  Here are a few tips from one of my previous posts: 

From the Archives:  Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

If you have small children, it is important to have them help you prepare.  This will alleviate some of the stress if a hurricane does head into the Gulf.  Here are a few links to help you prepare:

Make sure that you have all of the basic neccessities.  These include things like bottled water for a week for each person in the household, non-perishable food for every member, non electric can opener, etc.  You can find an example of a list of the things you should have here.  You might have heard the saying that the “First 72 Are On You” but do you know what that means?  It means to be prepared.  Have at least 72 hours worth of supplies.  Response to a disaster could be earlier, but you need to be ready to handle the first 72 hours on your own. 

Here are some of the things that we make sure we have outside of the necessities.  These are not must haves, but we like to have these items around.

  • paper goods
  • propane camp stove and plenty of mini propane tanks (this is good to have around when you want to do something other than grill out!)
  • battery operated fans
  • fun flashlights for each of the kids – this year we are going to let the kids pick out their own to put in the kits
  • new books and toys that can be brought out when the initial excitement of no power wears off
  • a storm radio/tv – We watched an entire marathon of Hell’s Kitchen for a week because we were able to get that one channel on our hand crank/battery operated storm radio/tv

Once you have all your supplies, as a family you can pack them up in a container or put them in a cabinet designated the Hurricane Cabinet.  Do you have any additions to this list of things that are not really necessary but make us more comfortable?  Comment below!

The Pensacola News Journal ran their annual hurricane guide this week.  If you missed it, you can find it on their site.  The guide includes preparation information, evacuation routes, recovery, and more.

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