7th Annual Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival

Somehow, I completely forgot to post that this event is happening this weekend!  The Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival is one of the events that we will drive to attend.  We aren’t going to make it this weekend (which is why I forgot about it!) but we have been several years in a row and love it.  Our favorite time to go is early in the evening so that we can see the hot air balloons during the day and all lit up at night! 

Be sure to check the schedule before you go!  There are balloon glows, a children’s festival, Disc-Connected K9s, Alligator Alley and more!

Things To Know Before You Go:

  • There are shuttles running from different parking lots, but try to park in the lot right next to the fields.  When we went, we first parked in a school parking lot where we waited thirty minutes for a shuttle that never showed.  I assume it showed later but we didn’t want to wait anymore!  We got back in the car and drove closer to the fields where we got a great parking space near the balloon fields.
  • Pack a cooler for when you get back in the car.  It is hot and you will be glad you have that juice box or water bottle in the car!  NOTE: You CAN NOT bring your cooler to the festival.  It must stay in the car!
  • Wear sunscreen and tennis shoes.  You will be outside the whole time and walking through grassy fields (which were quite muddy two years ago!).
  • Some of the children’s activities are free but there are others are for an additional cost.
  • Visitor parking at the festival grounds is $5 per vehicle.


  1. I read on the website that they recommended going early morning. Have you ever been at that time? I was thinking it would be a fun father’s day surprise for my husband. Any other tips? Thanks for posting about this!

  2. I am sorry that I didn’t see this comment sooner…summer has thrown my schedule off! I heard that the morning is nice but we haven’t been there then…did you decide to go? If so, let us know what you thought!

  3. I was pretty disappointed by this festival. I didn’t read your post first, and so we waited an hour for our shuttle when it was time to go! Not fun with tired children:( Also, the balloons never all lit up at the same time, only intermittently, so I thought that was a let down. Overall, the festival was small and just not worth the drive in my opinion.

  4. Janelle-I am sorry that it wasn’t a very fun experience for you. We didn’t go this year so I can’t compare it to previous years but we did enjoy it the past two years. I will agree that the shuttle service leaves much to be desired (as most shuttle services do in my opinion…don’t even get me started on Disney…LOL!).

  5. It would help if there was a mention of where this is????!!!!

  6. Cajunann-The event was in Foley, AL over Father’s Day Weekend and the event has already occurred. The link in the post takes you to their official webpage where all of the directions, times, etc.

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