Learning Time – Letter W

This week we are looking at the letter W.  I can’t believe we have almost made it through the entire alphabet.  When I first started this, I wasn’t sure if we would finish by the time the school was over because of the breaks we have taken but here we are!


  1. Color the letter W.
  2. Trace the letter W.
  3. Find the hidden image.


  1. Read One Watermelon Seed, Watermelon Wishes or Frankie and her Pals Save the Watermelon.
  2. Eat watermelon for snack (we bought the sweetest seedless watermelon at Publix the other day! YUM!)
  3. Watermelon coloring page
  4. Watermelon craft


  1. Read The Snail and the Whale.
  2. Color the whale pages.
  3. Buy whale crakers and practice counting. 


  1. Read Dora’s Magic Wand.
  2. Make a magic wand.

We are taking Friday off for other activities (and because there is only so much out there for the letter W!).  If you have any activity suggestions for the letter W, leave us a comment!

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