Learning Time – Letter V

This week we are going to spend some time on the letter V and then also do a few St. Patrick’s Day activities!


  1. Color the letter V.
  2. Trace the letter V.
  3. Find the hidden picture.


  1. Read The Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin.
  2. Color the vegetable sheet.
  3. Have a vegetable tasting party!  Cut up veggies of all different colors, shapes, textures and have a taste test!

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

St. Patrick’s Day activities

  1. Read books about St. Patrick’s Day.
  2. St. Patrick’s coloring pages
  3. Rainbow Handprint
  4. Kissed Blarney Stone
  5. Leprechaun Trap
  6. Clover Cookies
  7. Rainbow Cupcakes

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