Learning Time – The Letter T

This week we are going to look at the letter T!  If you have any preschool friendly activities to reinforce the letter T, leave us a note!


  1. Color the letter T.
  2. Trace the letter T.
  3. Find the hidden image.


  1. Color by number teeth coloring page
  2. Importance of brushing teeth activity
  3. Go to the store and get new toothbrush and toothpaste!


  1. Read The Great Tulip Trade by Beth Wagner Brust.
  2. Make eggshell/egg carton tulips.


  1. Read Biscuit and the Teddy Bear.
  2. Color the teddy bears.


  1. Read a book about trains.
  2. Alphabet reinforcement with the alphabet train worksheets
  3. Train craft: candy train craft; tin can train craft; toilet paper tube/paper train craft

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