Learning Time – The Letter R

We are a day late for Learning Time because we took Valentine’s Day off!  Today we are learning about the letter R. I have spent a lot of time on the letter R over the past few weeks because Little S has finally shown interest in writing her name and it has an R in it.  We have drawn R’s backwards, upside down, and finally right side up!  We will be doing a lot of tracing practice this week.


  1. Color the Letter R.
  2. Practice tracing the letter R.
  3. Color the hidden image.


  1. Read The Rainbow Fishby Marcus Pfister Herbert (We are bringing this one back from our Letter F lesson because it is one of our favorite books!)
  2. Draw a rainbow fish scene of our own. 


  1. Go to library and find a book about a rainbow.
  2. Make the rainbow handprint.


  1. Read the Tale of Peter Rabbit (you can watch the story online…as always, be sure to preview before you show!)
  2. Color Peter Rabbit.

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