Learning Time – The Letter Q and Valentine’s Day Activities

This week we are talking about the letter Q.  I have also left Thursday and Friday open for fun Valentine’s Day Activities.  I will try to post some more fun activities for Valentine’s Day on Monday. 


  1. Color the letter Q.
  2. Trace the letter Q.
  3. Finish the hidden picture.


  1. Read The Quilt Story by Tony Johnston.
  2. Make a quilt on paper or from fabric scraps.  If you need a pattern or some ideas, use this worksheet.
  3. Share stories of any special quilts/blankets you might have.


  1. We are going to go to the library to try to find a book about a Queen.  I didn’t have much luck as everything we own is about a princess (which will work if I can’t find anything else!).
  2. Make and decorate a crown to wear.

Thursday and Friday

Here are a few Valentine’s activities I collected this week:

Puzzles, Poems, and Printables

Paper Conversation Heart Wreath

Valentine’s Handprint Poem

Heart Shaped Finger Puppet

Paper Love Bugs

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