Learning Time – Letter O

It is a full week of school in our house so we are looking forward to getting back into a routine!  Today’s letter?  The letter O!


  1. Color the letter O.
  2. Trace the letter O.


  1. Read Go Diego Go Giant Octopus to the Rescue or Octopus’ Den.
  2. Make the mini octopus windsock.
  3. Make thepaper mache octopus.


  1. Read Magic School Bus Out on the Ocean Floor
  2. Make an ocean diorama or paper plate fish.


  1. Color the octagon.
  2. Find octagons outside or around the house (books, magazines, etc).
  3. Do the same for ovals!


  1. Read Owl Moonby Jane Yolen.
  2. Make a pinecone owl.

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