Fun Zone – Pensacola, Florida

**The Fun Zone has permanently closed.

What: a giant indoor playplace; Where: off of Creighton and 9th Avenue; When: Monday – CLOSED, Tues – Thurs  2 pm – 6 pm, Friday  2 pm – 9 pm, Saturday 10 am – 8 pm, Sunday 2 pm – 6 pm; Cost: Children 2 and under – $5 and children ages 2 and up – $9.25 

The Fun Zone opened up a few months ago but we only recently got over there to visit.  We took advantage of a special discount they had New Year’s weekend.  The Fun Zone is much larger than I expected it to be.  The kids had a great time jumping on the different inflatables, trying their hand at baseball in the batting cages, and climbing the little rockwall.  Daddy J and I enjoyed sitting at the table with our books while they played!

The Fun Zone has a Tot Land with toys that are appropriate for the 1-3 year old children.  There are all different kinds of inflatables for all different levels of jumping and sliding as well as an obstacle course inflatable.  There is a small climbing wall that even my four year old was able to climb.  There are a couple of rope swings that were very popular with the kids and the log roll kept my kids laughing the whole time they played on it.  There is a snack bar as well as a Parent’s section with television, Wii, and wifi.   We were very happy with the way the owners and staff were constantly visible and helping when needed.

The Fun Zone offers birthday parties and Parent’s Night Out.  They offer a 10% discount to active military with an ID, groups of 20 or more, and on Sundays with your church bulletin.

Before you go to the Fun Zone, stop by the website for deals and coupons.  The Fun Zone also posts information and coupons on their Facebook page.

Things to Know Before You Go:

  • They take cash or check.  NO credit cards at this time.  There is an ATM on site.
  • Parents have to pay $9.25 if you would like to play with your kids.  If not, parent admission is free.
  • Don’t forget your socks.  You must wear socks.
  • During school holiday breaks, the Fun Zone is open longer.  Call ahead for the exact hours.
  • On Sundays, they open at 2!
  • There is a lot to do, but it did get very crowded.

The Fun Zone is located at 6931 North 9th Avenue next to Party City and their contact number is 850.471.2345.


  1. Finally what took ya so long !!

  2. I know, I know! My broken foot has been prohibiting our exploring but we finally made it out and I should mention that even with the broken foot it was easy to get around the Fun Zone on crutches!

  3. We went this past Saturday (at 4pm) and my 2 & 9 year old had lots of fun! The only thing my 9 yr old mentioned was that he wished there was a basketball hoop for younger kids, but it appeared that maybe there was at one time(indicated by the remaining wholes in wall). The floor staff was super friendly with the kids and very helpful to my 2 year old who likes to try everything, even if he is too small. I do wish there was a barrier between the floor and the front door. I couldn’t help (as a mom) to keep watching the front door to make sure a smaller one didn’t wonder out, as people were flowing in/out for birthday parties. Will definitely go back again & again!

  4. Tammi-That is definitely my one complaint. I felt the same way about the front door being too close to bouncers and too far away from chairs where parents would sit. When my kids were on the obstacle course, I was constantly watching my them to make sure nothing caught their eye and made them run out the front door! With the reception desk where it is, it made it difficult to see who was coming and going. Thanks so much for your comment!

  5. We visited this week and were very disappointed with the safety aspects of the establishment. The toddler area was not adequately padded and most of the toys were broken or missing parts, the floors around the bouncers were not padded upon entry or exit(!!!), there were raw edges of plywood exposed and splintery, there were raw cut edges of metal tubing on a handrail exposed, and most disturbing was the rope swing hanging from the ceiling with a loop in the bottom. Incredible strangulation hazard!! And again, no gate or wall keeping children from running out the front door! VERY disappointed with Fun Zone and will spend the extra gas to go to one of the other 3 similar establishments in the area.

  6. Can teenagers come play? (:

  7. We have seen teenagers there with birthday parties or siblings. I would contact the Fun Zone to see what their policy is!

  8. Mr. Wise, I’m sorry to hear about he closing of Fun Zone, But I am extremely disappointed in the fact that you closed and had birthday parties scheduled. You had advertised on the Gulf Coast Auctions selling birthday packages, which I had purchased. Much to my surprise you closed a few months later. It’s in such poor taste that you would even advertise with them knowing that you had such serious business problems. I had a party schedule for October 29th and I called to get some info only to find the number no longer in service. Hopefully if you have any future endeavors for opening a new business I certainly hope that you work at being a better Business Operator than you were w/ your previous company! Cynthia Mills!

  9. Cynthia-I am sorry for your unfortunate situation. Please know that we are in no way affiliated with the Fun Zone. We share information about things to do in and around Pensacola. Thank you for letting us know that the Fun Zone has closed because we like to update our posts when businesses close. I have made a note at the top of the post.

  10. Does anyone have any info on the previous owner or why the business closed? It seems like something of this nature is needed in the area. To my knowledge, there’s only Chuck E Cheese for indoor play places and/or birthday parties.

  11. Hi Julie, I am not sure why it closed but I believe both Triple Play and Jump n’ Party are still open…that being said, I think they mostly do parties and don’t have a lot of open play times.

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