Beulah Regional Park – Located next to the Equestrian Center

**At least that is what I think it is called.  There is no sign naming the park and the only information I could find on My Escambia was a park listing Beulah Regional Park in this spot but the amenities were not listed.  The form hasn’t been updated since April 15, 2010 and I am not sure if this park had been built by then.  I do know that there is also a Beulah Park located at Woodside Road.  If you know the official name of this park, please let me know!**

What: Beulah Regional Park; Where: Located on Mobile Highway next to the Escambia Equestrian Center; Cost: FREE

Beulah Regional Park is a great park to take the kids.  It offers a fabulous playground with different structures for varying abilities.  You couldn’t pull my kids off of the balance area where they hopped from little stools to beams trying not to fall down.  There are two swings and two infant swings.  There are slides and a small climbing wall. 

There is a very small pavilion with two picnic benches but other than that there is no seating near the playground.  There is a basketball court that was full of teenagers playing a game.  My favorite part was the walking path.  Three laps around the walking path equals one mile according to the writing at the starting point.  The path is perfect for bike rides as well.  When we were out there, we saw lots of children on bikes of all sizes!

We also saw lots of people with dogs on leashes and it looked like there might be a fenced in dog park towards the back of the park grounds.  With me still being on crutches, we didn’t check it out though.  I will be sure to update this when I find out!

Things to Know before You Go:

  • There are no restrooms at this park.
  • Bring your lawn chairs with you because seating is limited to two picnic tables.

Beulah Regional Park is located off of Mobile Highway and Thomley Trail and is next to the Equestrian Center.


  1. Yes, this is a fantastic park!
    We found it this past summer while out picking blueberries at Beulah Berries. My kids keep begging to go out there again!
    Definitely worth the drive if you are coming from out of the area…be sure to pack a snack..not much out there.
    Enjoy! Lisa

  2. We love this park! It is nice to be able to sit at the picnic table and watch my kids ride their bikes around the huge track. Also, I like the different equipment like the rolling log and the hang-on-and-spin piece.

  3. This park is just up the road for us. The dog park part is a small dog area and a large dog area. They have also put in a sand volleyball area and a sand box for the kids. This park is just what beulah needed!

  4. Unfortunately, the last time I was there with my son, one of the picnic tables was missing. =( Other than that, I agree to bring your own chairs and make sure everyone goes potty before you head out. Bring lots of water as well.

  5. There are porter potty out there now and it is a fun little park to go to my daughter age 4 loves it as well as my 1 year old Our dogs love it too there basketball volly ball and tennis areas as well as walking track and dog park also tom thumb is up the road off beulah rd followed by a dollar general on nine mile and a new pizza place called big daddys pizza on nine mile so go grab a pizza and head to the park!

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