Black Friday Shopping Tips

Do you love to head out for Black Friday shopping?  Do you order online instead?  Do you avoid it completely?  Last week, I asked this same question on our Facebook page and my friend Elizabeth, a seasoned and dedicated Black Friday shopper (she was even featured in the Black Friday shopping article in the PNJ last year!), left some great tips.  I thought it would be fun to share those tips with you!  Thanks for the great tips, Elizabeth!

  • Plan ahead time.  Map out the route you want to take, the stores you are going to visit, list the items that you want to purchase, compare prices, etc. all before you head out to the store
  • Bring a friend if possible.  Sometimes it’s easier to plant a friend or spouse in the checkout line and then you can run and grab items.  Those checkout lines can be looooooooong almost instantly! This is also great for those “campout” situations if you need to use the restroom, etc.
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Have a list.  Break your list down by store, with opening times, items, whether your items are door buster (time frame items) and take the corresponding list into each store with you along WITH THE AD!!!  This way if you need to reference or have an associate help you find an item, you are prepared with the exact item name and sometimes even stock number for some store ads
  • Stay happy!  It’s NOT the end of the world if someone grabs the last “hottest toy” at the hottest discount – your kids or spouse or grandma will live without it.  It’s not worth ruining the fun and experience over getting into an altercation
  • Always plan a post shopping meal 🙂 My husband and I shop together.  The kids spend Thursday night with my parents so after we finish shopping (usually by 11am) we drop everything off at home and hide it.  Then we take some time for each other and have a nice quiet lunch together without the distractions of the kids AND celebrate all our great buys 🙂
  • Keep an envelope or ziploc bag with all your receipts and go over them to make sure you got the right price etc.  Keep these in case there is an issue with an item later (i.e. it doesn’t work on Christmas morning or like in one instance we had on a Leapster we bought – we didn’t realize it had already been opened and put back into the box without the extras that were to be in the package!!!)
  • DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP in the frenzy.  Set a budget and stick to it!  NO IMPULSE PURCHASES (or at least LIMIT them — your checkbook will thank you)!!

Thanks again for the tips, Elizabeth!