Tumble Jungle Express Tumbling Fun Bus

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to let Little S check out the Tumble Jungle Express Tumbling Fun Bus through a club event.  She spent 30 minutes flying down the zip line, climbing the blocks and jumping on a trampoline…all inside a converted school bus!  You might have seen the Tumble Jungle Express driving around town.  It is pretty hard to miss!

The Tumble Jungle Express visits schools, daycares and churches but is also available for birthday parties, play dates, and corporate events.  It is best for children ages 2-5.  Little S had a great time!


  1. We also have dsomething like this that roams around here in Indy. Looks cool!

  2. Our daughter does weekly classes on the Tumble Jungle at a local childcare center. She loves the fun bus. Each week, I say its Tumble Jungle Day and she is out of bed ready to go to daycare. What a great idea and the kids love the fun. The bus has a rock wall, slides, trampolines and even a zip line. We are going to book the fun bus for her birthday party too.

  3. My.grandson goes to VPK and looks forward to Tuesdays because of the Tumble Jungle. At first all he wanted to do was the zip line but now he enjoys every activity . He never wants to miss Tuesdays. From the first day he participated last August to the end of this school year, he has never lost his enthusiasm for this wonderful program!

  4. We LOVE Tumble Jungle. Our daughter attends [a daycare] in our area. Wednesday is Tumble Jungle day. So easy to get her dressed and out the door when I say TJ day. When I pick her up, she is non-stop talking about the bus. She jumps on trampolines, climbs a rock wall, flys on a zipline, and so much more. Each week she is showing us something new like front rolls. This program is an A+ for fitness for children. Best part is that its very affordable and the bus goes to my childs center so I dont have to take her to evening classes. This will be her 3rd yr in the program and thumbs up to Coach Tammy for the smile on her face each week!!

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