Our Visit to Holland Peanut Farms Pumpkin Patch

Last week I shared the information about the pumpkin patch opening up at Holland Farms.  On opening day, we headed out there to check it out.  I had a free morning and to be honest with you I wanted to make sure those pumpkins were in a patch or we would have had many disappointed readers!  The farm seemed much farther away than it actually was.  It only took us about 30m (it might have been closer to 45…we were chatting the whole way!) to get there from the Target shopping center on 9m Road.  It probably would have been a quicker trip if there wasn’t construction on the road we took and if we hadn’t gotten lost!

Once we arrived, we were greeted and given a large cup of boiled peanuts.  I am not a fan of boiled peanuts (I blame it on the fact that I spent many formative years growing up in California) but my husband likes them so I just brought them to him.

There are about ten rocking chairs on the front porch where you can sit and enjoy your boiled peanuts.  The pumpkin patch is close to the store area.  We walked over to the pumpkin patch and strolled around for about 30m. 

We could have spent an hour letting the kids run around the patch and spot the different sized pumpkins.  A lot of the pumpkins are cut off of the vine but they are still in the patch.  They are cut off of the vine so that you know which ones to pick and which ones still need more time to grow.  We liked hunting for the dark green pumpkins hidden in the leaves. 

After wandering through the pumpkin patch, we took the tractor pulled hay ride through the property. 

The hay ride goes through the peanut fields and around back to the pumpkin patch and store area.  The kids loved the hay ride which was a lot longer than I thought it would be.  It is bumpy so be ready! 

After the hay ride, we took a walk through the pumpkin patch again.  Maybe they were secretly trying to find the Great Pumpkin! 

Holland Farms placed benches all over the grounds so you can plan on spending some time walking around the grounds and and sitting for awhile. 

My daughter and I enjoyed it so much that we are going to try to take the whole family back this weekend.  I think it is close to the Sweet Seasons Corn Maze so you can make it a fall outing!

Be sure to stop by my original post where a couple of readers have left comments about their outing to the farm.

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