Learning Time Monday – Halloween!

This week, Learning Time is all about Halloween.  We are going to do all sorts of fun crafts.  Share your favorite Halloween books in our comment section.  Also, if you have a link to a fun Halloween craft, coloring sheet, or activity, please leave a comment!

Be sure to review letters A-F using crafts or worksheets we have previously done as well as practice the letters.  Here are the links to previous Learning Time Monday posts where you can print off the letter practice pages if you would like: Letter A, Letter B, Letter C, Letter D, Letter E, and Letter F.

(I skipped Monday because Escambia County is off of school today.)




  • Read another Halloween book (we have a Dora Halloween book and Charlie Brown book)
  • Color Halloween sheets here or here


  • Halloween Dressup Dolls – Girl or Boy
  • Make a Halloween treat together (we are just making cupcakes or cookies)
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