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Awhile back I said that I was going to make it one of my goals to find a new park every week.  We usually stick to the same three or four parks.  Well, I failed miserably at exploring parks this summer because it was just so hot.  The weather has been beautiful for the most part, and we are back to our park explorations.  I have got a great one for you!  

In this month’s Pensacola Magazine, Shawn and Lindy Brown of Outdoor Gulf Coast wrote a great article titled 22 Hidden Gems and Outdoor Adventures.  We have visited most of the places in the article, but there were three we hadn’t even heard of.  The Aviation Park is one of them. 

There isn’t much to Aviation Park at first glance.  There are three little airplane toys that the kids can ride, a short control tower (it is about twelve steps to the top), several picnic tables and benches, as well as a blacktop area that looks like a runway. 

When we first got out of the car, both of my kids wanted to know what they were going to play with!  Then, an airplane went racing down the runway that is adjacent to the park! 

Aviation Park is located next to a runway at the Pensacola Airport.  As you walk up to the play control tower, you begin to hear the real PNS Airport air traffic control tower talking to the planes.  They have speakers that are hooked up to the air traffic control tower so you hear what is being said!!

Both kids ran around for a little while but as soon as the planes started taking off and landing, they would race over to the bench to watch them.  We saw all sorts of different planes.

If you look closely, you will see the plane on the runway in the top corner.  I just had my walk-around lens with me, so I didn’t get great pictures of the planes. 



The park is located off of Jerry Maygarden Road which is the Summit Blvd entrance to the airport.

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  1. In case you wanna use a GPS to get there… Here’s the address:
    4200 Jerry Maygarden Road

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