Learning Time Monday – The Letter D

Oh my…I was bad last week.  We had so much going on that I did over half the Learning Time Monday activities in one day!  Needless to say, we don’t really get the letter C!  I am going to have to do some reviewing in the next few weeks! 

This week we are looking at the Letter D, dinosaurs, days of the week, ducks and donuts!   If you have an idea to help reinforce these concepts or another Letter D concept, share with us in the comments!

Letter D


  1.  Color the Letter D.
  2. Trace the Letter D.
  3. Take a field trip to Krispy Kreme to see how donuts are made there.  You can watch through the window and pick up a treat if you wish afterwards.


  1.  Read How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food by Jane Yolen
  2.   Make the Shape-a-Saurus Craft


  1.  Read Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff or go to the library and pick out a different dinosaur book.
  2. Make salt dough fossils.
  3. While waiting for salt dough to bake, have the kids color some dinosaur pages.


  1. Read Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskey.
  2. Make the paper plate duck craft.


  1. Write the days of the week.
  2. Make a calendar for the week.  Color it, decorate it with stickers, etc.  You can also print one from the computer (just do a search for weekly calendar).  As each day passes next week, cross it off.

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