Learning Time Monday (er…Tuesday!) – Review of Letters A-D

We are going to use the rest of this week to review what we have gone over so far.  We are going to review letters A-D.  My plan is do a few of the activities or worksheets a day but we are kind of off this week since I just got back from Asheville, North Carolina (what an amazing family friendly city!). 

  • Play I Spy – Look for things that begin with the four letters we have studied so far (I spy something that starts with the letter A, etc.)
  • Practice writing the letters – Letter A, Letter B, Letter C, Letter D
  • Make a collage for each of the letters.  Tear/cut pictures out of a magazine and glue to a paper for each letter.  Emphasize the correct sounds.  For a bonus, see if they can find a picture of something that ends in one of the letters.

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