Learning Time Monday

I hope everyone enjoyed learning time last week!  We had a great time doing the different activities.  Little S loved reading the stories and making the alligator! 

Sorry today’s post is late…we are just getting home from a Labor Day weekend trip to Orlando.  I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend!

This week we are looking at the Letter B!  If you have an activity or an idea for teaching the letter B, please leave a comment in this post!

Letter B

(Save an egg carton for Friday’s activity!)


  1. Color the letter B.
  2. Read Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey.
  3. Eat blueberries for a snack.


  1.  Make the B Book.  Read together and name each of the items that start with b.


  1.  Read Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See by Eric Carle.
  2. Make a tissue paper animal that starts with b (bird, bear, butterfly, etc).  Use torn pieces of tissue paper that you glue to construction paper in the shape.
  3. Eat a banana for a snack.


  1.  Find items in the house that are the color blue.
  2. Create a blue collage from magazines, scraps of fabric, etc.
  3. Color the Blue Things booklet or Blue color sheet.


  1.  Read Stellaluna by Janell Cannon.
  2. Bat craft


  1. So glad you’re posting these! We are starting “school” and I am in need of ideas! Thank you!

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