Mystery Photo Monday #24


So this picture wasn’t taken at the actual location (because unfortunately I left my memory card at home), but do you know where this cupcake came from?  You might have heard the buzz about this particular place but if you haven’t and you love cupcakes, you will be so happy to read tomorrow’s post!

We hope you will play along.  If you know where this cupcake came from, leave a comment in this post!


  1. My guess is Oh Snap! I have not been yet, but I think it would be a perfect outing for my daughter and I!

  2. Ashleigh Bailey says

    It’s “Oh Snap” on Cervantes.
    I have been drooling over their status updates all week. I need to make a trip by there soon. So many delicious choices!

  3. Looks like oh snap’s red velvet cupcake. Possibly the mini one.

  4. Oh Snap, the best cupcakes ever

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