Blackwater Heritage State Trail – Milton, Florida

Awhile back, I was trying to answer a reader’s question about where to ride your bikes around town.  One of the suggestions was the Blackwater Heritage Trail in Milton, Florida.  It came highly recommended from several people so we decided to load up our bikes and make the short trek out to Milton! 

There is a small parking lot with picnic tables and a restroom right off of Highway 90.  I can’t vouch for the cleanliness of the restrooms because we didn’t check it out but at least there is one if you need it!

We parked here and got the kids ready to ride their bikes.  Even though it was so hot outside, we had a great time exploring the trail and riding bikes together as a family.  This is the picture from the Mystery Photo Monday this week!

The things we loved about the trail: the path is very wide so my 3 year old could wobble back and forth on the trail; there are bridges to ride over and creeks to look at; the trail is well marked; the trail is a little over 8 miles so you can travel as little or as far as you would like. 

The things we hated about the trail: there were some areas where the kids could have easily taken a wrong turn off the trail and fell down a little slope or into trees; at least at the beginning of the trail (and we did not go far because we had little ones with us) you have to stop at roads with lots of traffic and this made me nervous with my children.

Things to Know Before You Go:

  • Keep close eye on the children that are young and not used to riding on their own without parental supervision.  You will come across several intersections.  The intersections are well marked with stop signs, but make sure that you are ahead of your kids.  The cars were moving quickly on some of the roads that we were on and they do not have stop signs.
  • Keep track of where you are and how far into the trail you have gone.  My kids were whining about halfway back to the car.  In our excitement of being on a trail, we didn’t really pay attention to exactly how far away from the car we went until we were on our way back!

If you have a favorite place to take the kids to ride their bikes, let us know! 

    Milton Family Vacation
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