Blueberry Picking in Pensacola

It is blueberry time again!  If you haven’t been blueberry picking with your kids yet, it is time to give it a try!  We have so much fun when we go blueberry picking and if you are prepared for the trip then it can be an enjoyable time for both you and the kids.  Big S is a super blueberry picker, which is great because we usually find Little S inside a bush eating what she picked!

Our favorite place to pick blueberries is A and N Blueberries in Molino.  We have been picking our blueberries there for several years and just have to keep going back.  You can connect with A and N Blueberries on Facebook or check out their website.  The blueberry bushes are taller than me and are so easy to pick.  We went the first weekend that they were open for picking and still had no problem filling up a huge bucket in less than an hour.  There were still a ton of green berries that according to their Facebook page are perfectly ripe for picking now and should be available for about the next three weeks!  Blueberries are $1 a pound for U-pick and they take both cash and check.

This year, we also went blueberry picking with friends at Beulah Berries.  We stayed about 45m and were able to pick one gallon.  Beulah Berries only takes cash so be sure you have enough cash with you.  They do work on an honor system if there is no attendant so make sure you have correct change when paying for your blueberries.  When we went, blueberries were 10 dollars for a gallon bucket. 

My children, who are 3 and 5, love to pick blueberries but they do tire in the heat quickly.  After a couple years of blueberry picking, we think we finally have our blueberry picking trip figured out.  Check out the Things to Know Before You Go for our tips! 

There is still time in the season but be sure to call whichever farm you choose to visit before you go.  A lot of times, family issues or activities come up and the farm might be closed that day.  You can also get a blueberry report to see if there are blueberries ready for picking.

Blueberry Farms in the Area

Things To Know Before You Go:

  • Pack a cooler to leave in the car or carry with you.  Be sure to bring water bottles to drink while you are blueberry picking.  We usually leave the cooler in the car so that it is there with ice cold drinks when we are hot, sweaty and tired.
  • Wear tennis shoes.  You are going to be visiting a farm where there will be ant hills, mud and grass.  Leave the flip flops at home!
  • Bring a quiet activity for the kids because at some point they might burn out!  We like to bring a container of bubbles for each child.  This takes up at least twenty minutes!
  • Don’t forget your cash.  Most U-pick places only take cash.  A few take checks but don’t count on it without calling ahead!

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