Mystery Photo Monday #11

When I have something quick to pick up at this place, we always have to stop by this water fountain to make a wish!

We hope you will play along!  If you know where to find this, leave a comment in this post!


  1. Elizabeth Sloman says

    I know exactly where this is located – and we love visiting this spot too – though sometimes daddy isn’t as thrilled when we go there 🙂

  2. Jennifer Aldridge says

    This is at the Cordova Mall entrance (by the Old Navy entrance)

  3. marlowe&scout says

    Is it the Dowtown Post Office?

  4. Cara Beyers says

    definitely cordova mall

  5. 99.99% sure it’s the Cordova Mall entrance by World Market. We too always have to make a wish. Many times I use it to make sure I get good behavior while we are in the mall. ‘To make a wish after we shop, I expect you to obey the rules!’ Evil, I know. 😉

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