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Mystery Photo Monday #9 Answer

Yesterday, I asked if you knew where these signature smiley faces can be purchased!

When my kids see the bright white box these treats come in, they immediately want to open it and see what I have brought home.  We don’t go often so it is such a special treat to get these happy smiley face cookies from J’s Pastry!  If I bring the kids with me, Big S heads right for the smiley face cookie and Little S heads for the brightly decorated cupcakes.  We haven’t tried anything that we didn’t like.  We love the cinnamon bread, the bran muffins, the petits fours (my absolute favorite), all the different cookies.  Oh wait…I take that back.  My family was not impressed with the chocolate cake we had at a friend’s house but they would choose a white/yellow cake over a chocolate cake any day.  On the other hand, the pound cake is absolutely divine!!! 

We splurged and bought Little S an elaborate Halloween birthday cake at J’s this year and we were pleasantly surprised to find that we didn’t really spend any more money than we would have if we had gone to Publix or Walmart.  Of course the cake was a hit with both Little S and the guests!

We also love to stop next door and pick up a sandwich at City Grocery.

Things to Know Before You Go:

  • J’s takes cash, credit cards, and checks but be prepared to spend at least 10 dollars if you are using credit cards or checks.  You can get out of J’s spending only a dollar or two if you are going for a small treat, but make sure you have cash!
  • It is very busy in the mornings so if you are bringing the kids for a fun outing, avoid the morning rush and head over around 10 in the morning.  The majority of their goodies will still be available and you will have the whole store almost to yourself and plenty of time to shop.
  • Order your cakes or petits fours in advance.  We have never had a problem placing an order, but we always place our order at least a week in advance.

J’s Pastry Shop is located at 2014 N. 12th Avenue, Pensacola, FL 32503 and their contact number is 850.432.4180.
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