New Orleans with Kids

YAY!  I just got word from Colleen, over at Travel Mamas, that the link is up and working.  I hope you enjoy the article and be sure to leave a comment with your favorite New Orleans activity (with kids of course) on her site for her readers! 

If you went to New Orleans before you had kids, you might still think it is all about getting beads and battling rowdy crowds.  While this is partly true, there are so many family activities in New Orleans as well.  New Orleans is perfect for an overnighter and if you don’t mind the drive you can even do a daytrip.  With The Princess and the Frog based in New Orleans, it might even be fun to make the trip just to see the sights pictured in the movie.  It is under three hours and there are many ways to make it budget friendly.  We have the trip down to a science and can usually get away with spending less than 350 dollars for a full weekend, including gas and hotel!  Stop by Travel Mamas and read my guest post titled Family-Friendly New Orleans on a Budget.  If you have additional recommendations for family friendly activities in New Orleans, leave a comment over at Travel Mamas to let her readers know!


  1. I would love to read your guestpost but the link is not working.

  2. Frugal For you–I had noticed last night the link wasn’t working and it seems to be a problem and that end. I have sent her a message and will post when it is up and working. Sorry!

  3. The link is up & running now! So sorry for the problem! You’ll love Jen’s tips for New Orleans with Kids on a Budget!

  4. we are planning to go the first week of may! wish us luck! 🙂

  5. Tanyetta – I just got back from a three day trip there by myself with the kids. We had a blast! I have a couple of things to add to the list and will email you if you would like!

  6. Yes! Please, email the new orleans tips to me at

    We are planning to go tomorrow. Thank You so much. If you can do it today that would help me a great deal 🙂

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