Milton Riverwalk Park


On a beautiful sunny day, we headed to the Milton Riverwalk and the Liberty Cafe for lunch.  We wandered up and down the walk, watched the river move, and played in the gazebo. 

The Riverwalk is where many Milton events like First Friday Festival occur.  We had a great time walking up and down the riverwalk but as you can see from the picture above there is nothing by way of guardrails.  I was one nervous nelly as I made sure that my rambunctious 3 year old didn’t take a nose dive into the river.  Other than that, we enjoyed our time.

Once you have strolled down the Riverwalk, stop by some of the little shops and restaurants.  We had lunch at the Liberty Cafe.  I will write about our lunch this weekend. 

The Milton Riverwalk is located on Riverwalk Street, Milton, Florida, 32570.

Milton Things To Do

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