My 3 Best Kept Travel Secrets – 3 Surprisingly Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Pensacola

In December, I was tagged by both Amy, at The Q Family Adventures, and Corinne, at Have Baby Will Travel, to participate in Tripbase’s 3 Best Kept Travel Secrets on my family travel blog (Two Kids and a Map). 

“The aim of this game is to unite travel bloggers in a joint endeavor – to create an amazing list of top travel recommendations across the globe to share with the entire online travel community.”

For Pensacola with Kids, I am going to share with you three restaurants that at first glance do not appear kid-friendly but really are!  On the surface, all three of these restaurants appear to be not so kid-friendly.  They are a bit more pricey and the food is a bit fancier than our regular McDonald’s or Chik-fil-A fare but we have spent several fabulous family meals at each of them!

1.  Atlas Oyster Bar – Located on the water, Atlas draws a lot of the after work happy hour and sushi eating crowd.  My husband and I will often go to Atlas (or its sister restaurant, The Fish House) for a date night.  One evening, we headed to Atlas after a photo shoot nearby with four kids.  I was craving their lettuce wraps and we just wanted a place to show the kids how amazing the sunset can be!  You can sit outside so that the kids can chat and play with each other.  There is lots to look at while you wait for your food: the cars driving across 3mile bridge, the boats pulling in and unloading, the sun setting, and the different birds flying around.  The kid’s menu offers the chicken nugget staple as well as some fish and shrimp options.

2.  Jerry’s Cajun Cafe – Previously, I had only had take out or lunch at Jerry’s Cajun Cafe both without my kids!  We had some friends in town who had previously lived in Pensacola and their number one meal request was dinner at Jerry’s Cajun Cafe.  I was a little concerned because in the past the only children I had seen in the restaurant were sleeping in an infant carrier…and we were going in with 5 children ranging in ages from infant to 7.  Yikes!  We even packed lots of hearty snacks because we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to find anything suitable on the menu.  Surprisingly, Jerry’s Cajun Cafe offers an extensive kid’s menu featuring chicken nuggets, hot dogs, sandwiches, burgers and seafood.  Items that are not spicy are labeled clearly!  This is one place where my children have been welcomed with open arms.  The waiters and waitresses spoke directly to my children asking if they wanted more to drink or crayons to color with.  And right now, you can purchase a Gambino’s King Cake to celebrate Mardi Gras!  Check out the website for a coupon for $5 off your $25 purchase (expires at end of February).

3.  Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse –  Before we had kids, we would head to Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse for a date night.  Now it has become a place for a fun family meal.  We sit at the hibachi table and the kids love the show.  The chefs that prepare our meal have always gotten the kids involved in a fun way.  The restaurant has so much going on that it is a little noisy so your kids can enjoy themselves without you worrying about who they are bothering.  Tokyo is one place where I don’t have to worry about paying for a meal and my kids NOT eating it.  They will devour the rice and chicken before my husband and I have even gotten our meal plated!  We haven’t been in a little while, but last time I drove by the restaurant I saw a sign that said kids eat free with an adult meal.  Call ahead of time to make sure!

To continue this TripBase blog tag, I would like to tag one more blogger – Outdoor Gulf Coast.

Do you have a favorite restaurant that on the surface might not appear very family friendly but really is?  If so, please share in the comments!


  1. Mmmm….Atlas….we need to go there again. Wonderfulness….


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