Happy New Year!

We haven’t been blogging about exploring Pensacola with your kids for a full year yet, but what a year 2009 was for Pensacola with Kids!  We wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of the support you have given Pensacola with Kids.  The emails informing us about family friendly activities, the kind email compliments, the guest posts and passing our website address to your friends and family have helped us get to where we are today!  December has been very busy and we haven’t been blogging a lot, but we are ready to kickstart 2010 and get back into full gear! 

We will be adding a few new features to the site and we are still in the process of a site makeover!  One of the new features that I am looking forward to is Mystery Photo Monday!  We will have a photo from somewhere around Pensacola and readers will have a chance to comment on where they think the photo was taken!  We will also have some more posts in the overnight trip section.  There are some great cities to visit nearby and we want to share our favorites.  I am also going to be more diligent about taking our camera with us when we eat out!  We don’t eat out very often, but we love finding restaurants that might not look kid-friendly on the surface but actually are!

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Thanks again for all of your support and kind words.  We are looking forward to exploring Pensacola with you!

Ps.  Look for a post later today with our top 5 family friendly favorites from 2009.  My kids are picking their favorites!