Pensacola With Kids Disclosure Policy

If you spend a lot of time reading blogs and reviews on the Internet, you will note that there has been a lot of talk about website disclosure policies over the past few months.  The FTC is starting to get involved and there are new laws and rules that are coming about.  You can find our disclosure policy on the About page.  Our disclosure policy on reviews and free items has always been the following:

Review Policy

To insure that my reviews and opinions are valued, I will only recommend products that I think are relevant and useful to moms and dads in our area.  Accepting a product or service does not guarantee a review.  If I receive free tickets to an event or activity, I will always note that in the individual post.

If we receive free admission to an activity or event, it will be stated in a disclosure notice in an individual article.  Unless stated in the article about the activity or event, my family has paid for all activities and events from our own wallet.  When we try a product or service, 99% of the time the business does not know that we maintain this website until after our visit is complete.  This insures that you know that it is true reflection of the experience that we had.  

All giveaways are graciously donated by local businesses.  If a giveaway is offered for this site, it will be chosen if it is something that I would endorse in my every day life anyway-with or without the Pensacola with Kids website.  My reviews are honest and, frankly, if I don’t like a product or service I will usually skip reviewing/giving it away on the site altogether.  All giveaways are given away!  I am not paid or given anything with an expectation of a good review or to do a giveaway.  In conjuction with giveaways, I might pass on information that will allow the readers to get a certain percentage off the product or service that I am giving away.  All contact about said product or service after the information is passed will occur between you and the business.  I am not involved in any way other than the passer of information.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to email me at jennifer (at) pensacolawithkids (dot) com or use the Contact Form link.

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